What Sign Is Best For My Business?

Shop front signs, pavement signs, window graphics, banner stands, vehicle graphics, where do you start? 

Signs are often the first point of contact a customer has with your business. It’s the physical representation of your brand, and it is integral that it attracts customers.

Think about it. You’re looking for a new car, and you visit two different car dealers who are offering the same car. One has a rusted, faded sign and the other a large, well-designed illuminated sign, which do you trust? The one who has committed the time to making their business look fantastic and well-presented, or the other who have made no attempt to keep on top of it?

Of course, you lean towards the one with attractive and memorable signage. 

Exterior signs are the first sign that people will see when they arrive at your premises. Pair that with all the passing traffic, and you have a lot of people to impress who will subconsciously pass judgement on your business without even interacting with you. A small symmetrical sign with white text on a blue background portrays a very different message to a large 3-dimensional orange and black sign with an illuminated background. One isn’t necessarily better than the other, but the message to the customer and how the business is portrayed are polar opposites. It’s vital to have a sign that conveys the message you want.

River Cottage Bespoke Wooden Sign

River Cottage in Devon, creating a natural, authentic impression with a bespoke wooden sign

If you’re looking to increase exposure on a wider level, having a great looking shop front will promote your company to visiting trade, but what about elsewhere? Vehicle graphics are a unique opportunity to mobile advertise, a physical driving billboard showcasing your company wherever you drive. A clever and visual design has a massive commercial reach, and of course has no recurring costs aside from the initial outlay.

Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle Graphics are a great tool for mobile advertisement

In terms of what sign is officially the most important, we don’t think that can be quantified. If you’re just off the high street, and have an incredible shop front sign but no directional signs from the high street, customers might not find you. If you have pavement signs promoting some great offers inside but no indoor signs to show where the offers are, they become redundant. Signs are linked across multiple aspects of any business, it’s important to invest properly in a holistic strategy rather than just one aspect of it.  

Consistent signage leads to customer trust and brand recognition. Always put yourself in the position of the customer when designing any sign, what information do you want them to receive and what is its worth to them.

So there you have it. All signs are important signs! 

Posted by Rob on October 28th 2015

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