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What is Contra Vision Window Film and How Does it Work?


Contra Vision is a printable self-adhesive window vinyl. Different from standard window vinyls and stickers, it allows for a clearly visible message to be seen on the outside, with the visibility from the inside remaining relatively unchanged and only slightly tinted (like looking through a pair of sunglasses). In other words, you can clearly see through your window from the inside, but from the outside looking in, your window looks fully branded. the

'Contra Vision®' is a brand name like 'Perspex®' is for acrylic. As you can see from exploring our website, we partner with suppliers to be able to produce the best displays on only the most high-quality print medias even within our budget range. You can see more on the Contravision website here.

Internal Office Window (Side of Application)
Internal Office Window (Back Side of Application)


Contra Vision is scientific and incredibly clever by playing on our perception. It is made of vinyl that is covered in micro-holes, leaving about 50% printable for your designs, text and full-colour artwork.

Our eyes are naturally drawn to the colour patterns and will fill in the gaps in the artwork making the image appear unbroken and whole! Contra Vision is applied to the outside of the glass. The magic of one-way vision graphics is that from the other side looking out, you can see almost clearly through the window. This is because the rear of the vinyl is black and this lack of colour on the window allows the contrasting colour on the outside to be dominant.

Exterior Door Application with Full Colour Print
Works Vehicle Back Window Contra Vision Application
Exterior Door Application with Full Colour Print
Glass Panel Contra Vision Display in Shopping Centre



  • It’s the perfect privacy option for retail and office environments alike
  • Great for Gyms or Swimming Pool Glass Areas and Changing Rooms
  • Works brilliantly in light and dark spaces with no show-through
  • Can work for internal meeting rooms and office door windows


  • Adds extra layer of security to your premises
  • Security to external windows and doors to keep out prying eyes from offices and retail stores
  • Deters thieves as they cannot see your goods
  • Can be applied to works vehicles, taxisprivate cars and all vehicles to hide contents


  • Create huge impact with floor to ceiling designs for your marketing campaigns on the sides of buildings
  • Can be used for vacant shops and stores to keep the high street looking great and inviting
  • Utilise your windows and glass space without hindering light availability
  • Can be used in domestic environments for conservatories, as well as road facing windows and doors
  • Lasts a long time externally in the elements with a very strong adhesive

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Posted by Samantha on April 20th 2022

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