What is an Aluminium Tray Sign?

One of the simplest ways to describe an Aluminium Sign Tray is to say that instead of having a flat aluminium panel fixed to your wall, or having a frame around a flat panel, your sign has folded edges so that is sits proud of the surface.

This automatically gives the sign a more contemporary, professional and ‘quality' look. The inside of the tray is equipped with an internal frame used for fixing, so the outer appearance is entirely free of unsightly fixings. What's more you can determine the size of the return edge to fit the aesthetics of your design - the corners can be welded and/or dressed to suit.

Once you have what I call ‘your sign tray base' what you can do with it is entirely up to you.

1. You can mount Vinyl graphics, Fret cut letters or shapes Flat cut letters or shapes.

2. You can create cut out details and illuminate the sign from inside the tray creating dramatic effects.

3. You can weld on shapes.

4. You can choose colours, finishes and coatings.

I recommend tray signs for shop fronts, offices and restaurants. If you want to know more about aluminium tray signs, or to be shown examples, please get in touch with me. You will find all my contact details here.

Posted on May 2nd 2012

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