What Banner Stand is right for me?

Choosing the right banner stand

Banner Stands

With so many banner stands to choose from, how do you decide which is the right product for the job? Use our handy guide below to decide which banner stand is best suited for which occasion.

Consider where and how often your banner stand will be used. Will you use it indoors or outside? Is it a one off or will it be used daily? Indoor banner stands and outdoor banner stands have differing properties, so it's worth investing a bit of time in researching what stand is best for you.

Here's our 5 tips to make sure you find the right banner stand:

1. Choose the right printed material.

The questions above provide a basis for what printed banner material will work best for you. We can print on to a diverse range of banner materials, each with differing properties- for example banner vinyl, polyester or textile fabric. We have detailed information on each material to help you decide. For example do you want it to blockout light, or perhaps have a textured appearance. If you're not sure what would work best, don't worry. We're here to help!

2. How quickly do you need to change and replace graphics?

If it’s very often, consider a cassette banner option, if not then a roller banner is a better solution. Cassette Roller Banner Stands are able to switch cartridges easily, meaning you can change printed graphics to suit the occasion. 

3. What's your budget? 

Our banner stands range from economy to premium quality. Dependent on how often it will be used and what you need it for, buy a banner stand that suits your needs. Our diverse range ensures you'll be able to find one that suits you without breaking the bank. We only print on high quality substrates meaning our printed graphics will stand the test of time. 

4. Size does matter!

Banners come in a wide range of heights and widths. Consider the environment and the space you have available, banners should gain the interest of your customer with maximum exposure, but you don’t want it physically getting in the way. Think about whether you want it single sided or double sided, how many customers will see it?

5. Keep it sturdy.

Our range of banner stands each have different weights and feet options, meaning some are sturdier than others. If it’s likely to be knocked in to, it would be worth investing in a banner stand that has the right properties.

What's the difference between the Banner Stands?

Cricket Banner Stand

Roller Banner Stands

A roller banner is the most popular, lightweight and easy to use banner system on the market. There is a roller banner for every occasion and any budget to make your message stand out from the crowd.  The printed graphic simply rolls up in to the aluminium base, ensuring your printed graphic remains protected and ready to display any time.

Modular Banner Stand

Modular Roller Stands

Modular roller banners are configurable banners that can be linked to one another to form larger displays, they can also be set at various heights depending on your message or the size of area. Often linked with magnetic strips, they join together to form a seamless graphic. They are easy to use, meaning you can create a large format display without the need for expensive exhibition installments. 

Cassette Banner Stand

Cassette Banner Stands

If you need to remove and replace your graphic regularly and require a reliable, quality banner, a cassette banner is a suitable cost effective solution. The ease of switching cassettes allows for rapid changeover, meaning you tailor your promotion to a wider range of people depending on the time and audience. The printed graphics stay well protected inside the cassette.

Tension Banner Stand

Tension Banner Stands

A popular and cost-effective banner solution allowing for quick and easy changeover of graphics. Perfect for when you need to change your message frequently. As the name suggests, tension banner stands work by holding the graphic in place with snap rails or hook and eyelet systems, meaning the graphic can be changed without the need for a roller mechanism.

Rigid Banner Stand

Rigid Banner Stands

Designed to support rigid substrates such as MDF, glass, acrylic or foam board up to 20mm. Ideal for when a more permanent display is require, shapes can also be cut out for greater visual impact. The base on rigid banner stands traps the board, holding it upright and creating a structured appearance. This makes them ideal for retail and point of sale displays. 

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If you're still not sure what banner stand you need, give us a call on 01297 630130 and our friendly team will help guide you. We're here to help! 

Posted by Rob on January 21st 2016

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