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What are the benefits of getting my work vehicle sign-written?

Should I sign-write my company vehicle?

Yes! That’s the short answer. For any business that spends time on the road, well-executed branding on a company vehicle is an effective, relatively inexpensive advertising device. Think of it as a mobile billboard! 

Whether you’re an independent builder, a traditional venetian plaster, or a popular Indian restaurant, a surefire way of spreading your brand to a large-scale audience is to travel to and from appointments in a vehicle that’s been furnished with professionally designed, eye-catching graphics and a memorable logo.

What is vehicle wrapping?

Vehicle wrapping is a smart, cost-effective promotional tool that uses vinyl to cover large areas of your vehicle. Here at Creative Solutions, everything is fully printed in spectacular high-definition which produces pin sharp graphics and texts which won’t fail to raise your company’s profile and attract new customers.

If offering key brand awareness wasn’t enough, vehicle wraps also protect the paintwork. This is an important feature when the time comes to sell your van or company car and is a particularly advantageous quality for hire vehicles. 

Customers can leave everything to us. Vinyl wraps can be removed and replaced by our team of experts. Perhaps your business is looking to kickstart a promotional campaign—or maybe are in need of a total rebrand. Whatever the case, we can take care of the graphics without damaging the vehicle. Fully-branded wraps, custom-made partial wraps; our professional sign fitters will create a stunning final product.

How much does it cost to wrap your company vehicle?

 It goes without saying that much depends on the size of your company vehicle. A full-wrap of a small car or van will cost you between £850 - £1050, while a full-wrap of a large van or lorry will cost between £1350- £3500. 

In the long-term, these are worthwhile and economically shrewd advertising options, as they will exist as an ongoing promotional device for many years. To minimize cost, and for those on a budget, Creative Solutions offer a half or partial-wrap, which will cost between £650-£950 for a medium-sized van. 

How much does it cost to decal my van?

 With vehicle decals, Creative Solutions can produce any logo and lettering combination a client could imagine; each element is precision cut from vinyl and ready to be applied to your company van or truck.

We provide an extensive range of vinyl decal stickers. These can be cut from solid vinyl and are manufactured by our experienced design team. Our customers also have a seemingly limitless colour palette to choose from and are offered a wide scope of vinyl finishes.

Decals for a small car or small van will make a relatively minor £100-£250-sized dent in your budget, while a medium-sized van will cost between £250-£500 for the same service.

How to remove vehicle graphics

The majority of the focus for vinyl graphics seems to be on their application—but what do we do when we want them removed? Nothing lasts forever, of course; trends go out of fashion and branding can become outdated. Sooner or later, old vinyl will need to be removed to make way for your eye-catching new vehicle graphics.

The most straightforward method for removing vinyl graphics is to simply pull them off. Now, that’s not always as easy as it sounds, but there are tools on the market designed to assist you in such a job. The most common and inexpensive of these is a plastic razor blade. This neat little device can slip under the edge of the vinyl and scrape it away from the surface without marking the substrate.

If you’re tackling a large job—a fleet of vehicles, perhaps— you may wish to indulge in something a little more...substantial. There are two vinyl removal options available to you. They both essentially involve power tools or attachments for blasting the PVC off of your substrate, without damaging the paintwork.

Is it cheaper to get a vehicle wrapped or painted?

Vehicle wrapping is a popular, less permanent method of completely altering the colour and aesthetic of your vehicle. Not only is this less expensive than a full respray, the client has the option to revert back to the original colour. Maybe they’re looking to resale—or perhaps they had a major rethink about that eye-scorching candy pink! Whatever the reason, the colour change doesn’t need to be permanent

Wraps are a popular choice for independent traders such as Darren Poole; it’s an inexpensive and straightforward way of changing the colour of a work vehicle, while maintaining the original paintwork. So, if you’re looking to give your work van a new lease of life, this could be your best option

Indeed, premium quality vinyl wrapping is the ideal solution if your business has a commercial fleet. It’s a great way of creating uniform branding across a multitude of vehicles, while keeping the price down. It’s certainly a more cost-effective alternative than traditional signwriting or a full respray.

Depending on the quality and type of vinyl you opt for, our wraps come with guarantees of either 5 or 7 years. For more information, why not contact one of our production team—they’d be delighted to help!

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Posted on June 5th 2020

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