What Are Exhibition Wall Panels?

Exhibition Wall Panels are the surest way to make the most of your space. They fix directly on the stand walls. Think of it as wall papering your stand with your branding which has been printed to look absolutely stunning at 28880dpi photo quality. It gives you the perfect back drop upon which to design your stand.

The beauty of these wall panels is that you can store them and re-use them at your next show. The panels are waterproof, and can also be treated to be flame retardant.

The panels can be printed on semi-rigid film and be rolled up for easy transport, or printed on banner vinyl (OpalJet is a popular choice for wall panels), or if more appropriate we can print on to 3mm lightweight rigid PVC panels. Each print option will dictate the way the panels are fixed on your stand - all methods considered by our team to be easier than wall papering!

When designing your panels it pays to be bold. Think of big shapes, defined visual areas and space for your type to breathe. If you are used to working with pop-ups and banner stands, it can be really liberating to have the whole wall as your canvas. If you want to know more, give us a call. The number as usual is 01297 444 665.

Posted on May 25th 2012

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