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We Hit 1,000 Blogs!


We Hit 1,000 Blogs!


On Friday, December 15, we hit a major milestone!

We published our 1,000th blog.


Since we started our blogs in 2009, we've never stopped blogging, and it has really paid off.

To celebrate this marketing achievement, I've put together a short Q&A style piece on some of our showstopper blogs and some that started years long print partner relationships with some of the best businesses.


How long has Creative Solutions been writing blogs and case studies?

Our first blog went live on the 15th December 2009, exactly 14 years ago today! All our case studies are published here:

How consistent have we been?

When our case studies first began, they were much more informal and inconsistent. We had a really small staff team, and very much worked within the local area with business based on word of mouth. These blogs were conversational in style, short and text rich, but always incredibly on the pulse for the latest industry news, explaining new products in the exhibition world and showcasing clients we had the pleasure of working with.

Nowadays we have a set layout that is proven to engage readers, include lots of great imagery from production all the way through to final installation, and publish 3-4 blogs per week.

Has that consistency paid off?


We do not monetise our blogs, and instead use them as a resource to give returning and new customers insight for their next signage, print, and display project. We know the world of large format printing has its own jargon too, so to be able to show clients the difference between 'opal' and 'etched' window vinyl, or 'flat cut' and 'built up' lettering blogs make this industry accessible and understandable.

We pride ourselves on being a friendly, and also making sure you are as involved in the process as you would like to be. If that all started from clicking on our blog after doing some research online, that's a win!

Our more informative case studies on products and materials have really hit the mark on making us a force to be reckoned with in staying ahead of the curve for new products on the scene, revolutionary print substrates and finishing processes to get the best results for you.

We see anything up to 300 contact forms completed  per month from having our blogs and case studies visible on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn and are ready to start the conversation with you right away to get your project off the ground!

What are your best performing blogs?

With now just over 1,000 published blogs, we have loads that are doing incredibly well, but as with anything, some have really hit the mark and are performing incredibly well in informing people about specific products. Those are:

Rank #1
What Is A Shell Scheme & How Can I Make It Look Great?

Rank #2 
How Much Do Vehicle Graphics Cost?

Rank #3
Vinyl Wrapping Your Air Source Heat Pump

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Posted by Samantha on December 15th 2023

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