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Wall Graphics & Signage For Nourish

Wall Graphics & Signage

Branded Vinyl Wall Graphics & Site Signage for Nourish

Immerse yourself in the heartwarming mission of Nourish, a beacon of hope in the Axminster community, dedicated to providing wholesome, home-cooked meals to those facing hardship.

With new signage and vibrant wall graphics, Nourish's new space near Axminster Hospital has been transformed into a welcoming sanctuary, where compassion and nourishment converge.


Introducing Nourish – a beacon of compassion in our local community. Born from a deep-seated commitment to serve, Nourish is a Community Project ran by two wonderful volunteers with a singular mission: to provide nourishing, homemade meals to those facing hardship, complementing the efforts of existing food banks.

In a world where struggles can be overwhelming, Nourish stands as a bastion of hope, offering not just sustenance, but a taste of warmth and care in every dish and a community space welcome to all in need.

Nourish Freshly Painted Plain Green Wall
Welcome To Nourish! Freshly branded wall with vinyl text and logo application

Wall Graphics, Signage & Logo Redrawing

Crafting an inviting branded space is more than just design—it's an artful blend of ambience, messaging, and experience, especially important for any not-for-profit and charitable organisation. Whether it's a storefront, office, or event space, every detail plays a vital role in shaping perceptions and fostering connections with your audience.

The Nourish Team had been hard at work getting the space ready for visitors, and had a wonderfully vibrant lime green back wall perfect for a large wall graphic application to overlook a communal table area. The team also requested an outdoor signage panel to help people find the space, as well as an internal door sign once in the building.

After having a good natter on the telephone to work out the details and get a design brief, it was noted the logo was unfortunately very old, and needed to be redrawn by our Graphic Designers to be able to create the high-resolution graphics and signage required without the logo going blurry or pixelated. We've got lots of experience with redrawing and redesigning logos, check out our Design blogs here. 

External ACM Sign for Nourish
Size matched to sign on left hand side, Nourish now welcomes you to Cross Keys House in Axminster

Creating An Inviting Branded Space

Wall Graphics

Elevate your brand presence with custom-printed wall graphics that seamlessly integrate your brand colours and imagery into your office and customer-facing spaces. Our full-colour, high-definition printing ensures a sophisticated and professional graphic display tailored specifically for your environment. Whether it's vibrant logos, captivating visuals, or inspiring messages, our curated wall graphics transform bland walls into dynamic showcases of your brand identity. With precision and attention to detail, we bring your vision to life, creating an immersive brand experience that leaves a lasting impression on visitors and employees alike. Let your space speak volumes about your brand with custom wall graphics that captivate and inspire.

Signage Panels

For Nourish's two sign panels, we use a brilliant and versatile signage medium called ACM (Aluminium Composite Material). Budget-friendly and highly versatile, ACM can be cut to any shape and even bent to form trays and 3D signage. The signage design is first printed onto a high-tack self-adhesive vinyl, finished with a protective overlaminate that gives it either a 2, 5 or 7 year life expectancy pending your needs. This can then be drilled or have fixings applied, ready for installation in all areas including wood, brick, plaster and cladding.

Its been wonderful to help Nourish with this project, its great to see their new space in action and we wish them every success!

Door Sign For Nourish
New External ACM Business Signage for Westcrete, Axminster

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Posted by Samantha on April 15th 2024

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