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VW T2 Camper Van Gets a Vinyl Renovation


Octopus Personnel are a brilliant South West based recruitment agency. The team at Octopus Personnel are all about helping companies find the right candidate for industry openings, putting considerable effort into finding the perfect match. They have built their business on a passionate approach to helping people better their lives and career opportunities.

Acting as a portable office, their VW T2 Transporter needed splash of colour and Creative stepped up to help out.


Volkswagen Campers are an extremely popular vehicle. Business in the Camper Van industry has been booming with the need for staycations this year!

They also make for perfect marketing automobiles for savvy organisations on the move. Eye-catching, spacious, out of the norm, and highly desirable; Octopus Personnel got in touch to revamp the camper with some on-point and bright branding.

The original paintwork in light blue was in really good condition, a series of bright and colourful vinyl overlays were designed, matching Octopus Personnel's branding to wrap around the T2's body.


As the T2 was in such good condition, communication with Octopus Personnel was fluid and easy as they knew exactly what they wanted, the design, layout and sizing's of the vinyl applications. We're always happy to adjust and create designs from scratch, directed by your creative vision. This job was more about the layout concept, sizing of the images and quantity, making sure the vehicle looked good from all angles.

Large vinyl sheets are printed in-house on our state-of-the-art equipment, using the most high quality ink pigments and materials possible to give you the best results and finish. These are then laminated for protection with either a matt or gloss pending on your design. To really shine through Octopus Personnel chose a gloss finish to compliment the bright blue of the van and the colourful branding of their logo.

Our expert installations team then work directly to the brief, bringing the design to life! As vinyl s heat-wrapped to the surface of the vehicle to ensure a high-tack bond, the surface is prepped and cleaned thoroughly to ensure the best adhesion.

With the Octopus Personnel T2 ready and quality checked - it was time to give it the sunshine it deserved! We look forward to seeing the VW make its travels around the South West.

Designing your Vinyl Graphics with Creative Solutions could not be easier, we will create top spec imagery so you can see what the final product will look like on all sides, and make adjustments so you are 100% happy with the final application! See the Octopus Personnel Design for their VW T2 Transporter 'Jobsmobile' below!

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Posted by Samantha on September 13th 2021

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