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Vinyl Wrapping Your Air Source Heat Pump


Vinyl Wrapping Your Air Source Heat Pump


What is an Air Source Heat Pump and How Do They Work?

"Air source heat pumps (ASHPs) absorb heat from the outside air which can then be used to heat your property and hot water system." - Total Renewable Solutions.

This heat from the air is absorbed at low temperatures into a fluid inside specially installed pipes. The fluid then passes through a compressor which raises it to a higher temperature, ready to be delivered to your heating and hot water systems.  Air source heat pumps offer an extremely reliable and efficient source of energy for your heating system, and are fast becoming a popular choice as we move forward into an age of seemingly ever-increasing utility bills in the UK. 

The leading air source heat pump manufacturers, Mitsubishi & LG, are fast become the market leaders for heat pumps due to the efficiency, support, and proven reliability that they offer. The Mitsubishi Ecodan Range includes:

  • Ecodan R744 QUHZ-W40VA Monobloc Air Source Heat Pump - Most often used for New Build Homes where strict building regulations are in place.
  • Ecodan R32 Ultra Quiet PUZ Monobloc Air Source Heat Pump - Innovative, stylish and utilising advanced technology. This model is the market leader for domestic premises and the model we have vinyl wrapped the most of.
  • Ecodan R32 Compact PUZ Monobloc Air Source Heat Pump - The new stylish compact single fan outdoor monobloc air source heat pump unit utilises advance technologies and R32 refrigerant to deliver improved efficiencies. Designed to satisfy smaller heat demand domestic premises.
  • Ecodan R32 Zubadan PUZ Monobloc Air Source Heat Pump - Designed to satisfy larger domestic premises, the patented Zubadan technology is able to maintain a stable heat output at very low temperatures.
  • Ecodan Coastal Protection Models - The Ecodan coastal models are designed to protect against the corrosive effects of environments that are in close proximity to the sea.

The LG Range includes:

  • LG THERMA V 'Split' - A compact and high-quality wall-mounted hydro box.
  • LG THERMA V 'Hydrosplit' - A water-only unit with a dual fan.
  • LG THERMA V 'Monobloc' - A simple, smaller, all-in-one solution. No indoor space is required.

Being based so close to Total Renewable Solutions in Axminster, we previously vinyl wrapped a fresh new Ecodan Ultra Quiet air source heat pump unit whilst still on its pallet awaiting delivery to the customer.  The LG THERMA V Air-to-Water Heat Pump was also delivered to us at Creative Solutions for wrapping before continuing its journey to its new owner for installation!


The Advantages of an Air Source Heat Pump

RUNNING COSTS - Air source heat pumps are electrically driven, which allows them to provide highly predictable running costs and avoid the need for deliveries of fuel with volatile and unpredictable pricing such as oil.

FINANCIAL INCENTIVES - You may be eligible for a grant of £5,000 through the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (launched 1st April 2022). This one off payment can support you with the upfront costs of installation.  Additionally, from the 1st April 2022 for a period of 5 years, VAT is zero rated on heat pumps.

ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT - significant reductions in your carbon dioxide emissions and minimal maintenance.

RELIABILITY -  Fast becoming a new solution to combat rising energy bills and expensive boiler repairs, air source heat pumps are among the most reliable of renewable heating systems and require minimal maintenance.

RANGE OF OPTIONS - Energy Solution Providers such as Total Renewable Solutions offer a great range of ASHP units to suit all domestic and business settings. Speak with a professional to see if your property can accept a air source heat pump, or another form of technology for renewable energy such as a ground source heat pump or solar thermal.

CUSTOM WRAP SERVICE! - As this blog will detail, most air source heat pumps will come in a factory standard white or grey. To help you blend your new unit into its home, we can apply a custom vinyl wrap to the exterior of your heat pump without effecting its warranty, running or efficiency. We also offer colour change wraps if you are looking for a solid, all-over colour change. The most popular option is matt black for a subtle, sleek finish.


Creative Solutions Wrapping Service for Air Source Heat Pumps

We are specialists in large format print solutions as you can see from our extensive website offering, this does include a vast array of vinyl types! We offer a customised service to vinyl wrap heat pumps to ensure your unit is discrete as possible, and blends into its surroundings so any aesthetic disturbance is minimised. This can be a hedge, open landscape, brick or stone wall, wherever your air source heat pump has been installed.

During the planning submission process you will need to go through to have a heat pump installed, efforts to minimise the visual impact of ASHPs is always appreciated, especially if in an open community space, or area in-keeping with traditional/historical architecture or aesthetics. Our service allows a unit to be merged with its background by creating a wrap that is matched as closely as possible, using a high quality photograph. We can either do a custom printed wrap, or a solid colour in a choice of finishes - whatever you require!


  • Free, no-obligation quotation service
  • Get your vinyl sheets delivered, or installed by our in-house professional team
  • Service carried put by Creative Solutions in-house Graphic Design Team, Production Team and Installations for high-quality
  • Customised air source heat pump wrapping service of outdoor and indoor units
  • Vinyl Wrap matched to background of your choice, or a flat colour
  • Enables unit to be blended with its surroundings


We will carry out all aspects of the service in house to ensure that the wrap is added with the highest quality standards in mind. Each printed sheet is sized exactly to the dimensions of your ASHP unit. Each panel of the air source heat pump is removed, wrapped, and carefully replaced. We can either talk with you about installing your printed vinyl's on-site, or if you are seeking a new unit, your ASHP can stop by Creative Solutions to be wrapped here before being delivered to you with all the protective packaging intact.


Based on a customer photograph, a high quality printed vinyl wrap  will be carefully applied to the customer’s unit. The wrap is a high-performance vinyl; MDC Wrap Film Full Colour Print media. This soft printable film has been developed to easily flow and conform over the most challenging of surfaces, protruding edges and heat variation metals, so is ideal for air source heat pump wrapping. Your print will also be laminated to prevent abrasion, add weather-resistance, extend its colour fastness and also offer easier handling. Safety badges, unit branding, information and specification plates or stickers on your unit will be carefully removed and reapplied where applicable, or wrapped around.


The grill on the front of your air source heat pump will not be wrapped or covered, nor will the grill or fan on the back or sides. Any brackets, mounting systems, piping, trunking or safety elements on your unit will not be covered. All artwork proofs will show these elements untouched, and printed will be specially cut in advance of application to work around these elements.


During the wrapping process each panel is carefully removed, primed and wrapped, then replaced with washers to ensure the wrap integrity.

Want to get your ASHP Wrapped?

Air Source Heat Pump Wrapping Services

Ecodan Ultra Quiet ASHP - Before
Ecodan Ultra Quiet ASHP - After
LG THERMA V Monobloc ASHP - Before
LG THERMA V Monobloc ASHP - After


The ASHP Wrapping Service


To start the process, get in contact with us and let us know the details of your unit, its dimensions, and even better still, if you have a downloadable PDF specification document for your unit - we can get all the information we need from that. Also let us know if you would prefer a custom print, or a flat colour vinyl wrap for your unit. You do not need to have any imagery ready at the time of your contact, but if you do that's great.


Anything wanting a vinyl wrap, be it a car, lorry, air source heat pump or bandsaw (yes, we've wrapped those too), requires a certain environment for best vinyl installation. We highly recommend if you are having a new unit installed, to contact your provider and see if it is possible to have it delivered to us here in Axminster so that we can wrap your unit in a highly controlled dust-free, well lit and temperature controlled environment.

  • Installation On Site - As you can see in the images used in this blog, we are able to install on site, however this is not recommended due to the variables that can make the job go awry. In your quote we will factor in installation costs for you to consider if we are travelling to you. We are able to do installations on-site across the UK, however for best costs, we recommend if you are not in the Devon, Dorset or Somerset regions, to consider other providers closer to you to keep the cost down.
  • Installation at Creative HQ - If you are getting a new unit, ask your provider if they are able to deliver it to us prior to you receiving it. We can then liaise with you about getting it wrapped here at Creative Solutions, and then include any extra delivery fees to get your wrapped unit to you ready for installation. As mentioned above, we have great contact with Total Renewable Solutions who are based nearby.
  • Delivery of your Vinyl Wrap - If you are set that we are the provider for you - thank you! We are able to safely package your printed vinyl's and get these delivered to you. You are then able to have a go installing these yourself on a nice clear, warm day, or have a specialist local to you install these. We will provide you with all the product information to give to your installer so they know it has come from a accredited specialist supplier.


Once we have all the information above, we will send you a no-obligation free quote to consider. If installing we will arrange a day for this, and a back-up in case the heavens decide to open or something unexpected means you need to reschedule. If we are sending your wrap in the post we will let you know a lead-time for production and the best postal service to make sure they arrive with you safely.


  • Custom Printed ASHP Wraps - It is important to take a good quality photograph and to send it through to us if you are matching the background of your unit. Also, consider the time of day and weather conditions; whether it is wet or dry. Sunny or cloudy can also have an impact on the photograph so consider what you require. We will prepare a sample from your photograph and send back to you for approval. The photograph should be a high-definition 300ppi (pixels per inch). If taking a suitable photograph is challenging then many high definition images can be found on websites such as Shutterstock.
  • Flat Colour ASHP Wraps - If you are looking to wrap your air source heat pump in a flat one-colour vinyl, we can send you samples of various colours for you to choose from (please not this is not free) as well as different finishes. Once you have narrowed down your choice, we can order the correct vinyl and get it laminated in house for a consistent finish across the whole surface area.


Once we have your approval and payment, we will commence production. Please note - vinyl production on custom prints will not commence until we have your artwork approval for the proof we send you. This allows you the chance to make tweaks and changes, as well as change your mind before the printers start rolling.


Custom Wrapped Air Source Heat Pumps

Clients - If you are a current owner of an air source heat pump, and would like to see it better blending into your home environment, please do not hesitate to get in touch. The images here are from a Private Client based in Okehampton who sent us his units details as well as a high resolution image of the wall behind. We can then easily replicate this onto vinyl with recolouring and finishes. We pride ourselves on being able to provide an easy and efficient service  with the best print materials on the market.

Trade Suppliers - If you are either a supplier of Air Source Heat Pumps looking to partner with us to get your customers units custom wrapped prior to installation, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have previously taken projects of wrapping 60+ ASHP ready for customer delivery still on their individual pallets. These can either be a flat-colour vinyl, or custom printed with each of your clients individual requests.

Want to get your ASHP Wrapped?

Air Source Heat Pump Wrapping Services

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