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Vinyl Wrap for Total Renewable Solutions Air Source Heat Pump


Total Renewable Solutions

Working all across the South West, Total Renewable Solutions are an MCS accredited, award-winning renewable energy installer. As a leading figure in the industry, they offer a diverse range of renewable technologies. From air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps, to solar thermal and solar PV. Total Renewable Solutions can find the right solution for any renewable energy project—however large or small.


Vinyl Wrapping An Ecodan

The Creative Solutions team were contacted by Total Renewable Solutions recently with an interesting brief. The client was looking for a high-quality vinyl wrap to sharpen up the aesthetics of one of their air source heat pumps: the Ultra Quiet Ecodan.

Creative Solutions have a wealth of expertise and experience in this field; we’ve been providing stunning vinyl wraps for a number of different clients and for a wide scope of products. Freezers for artisan ice cream companies, snowboards for private clients, elevator doors, shipping containers—even the odd bobsleigh! 

You name it, we’ve wrapped it.

Vinyl wraps are an inexpensive method of injecting new life into a product. Our design team can print literally any image, graphic, or logo onto your wraps. We can take a plain, aesthetically neutral item and totally transform it. Any colour, any design—we can provide the perfect wrap for your needs.

For Total Renewable Solutions, a key aim was to provide an understated, high-quality wrap that would help the heat pump blend into its environment. This would involve masking the unit’s bright white surface with a much more subtle, satin black vinyl wrap.


Custom Creation for a Longstanding Client

We supplied the client with a high-quality vinyl wrap for the Ultra Quiet Ecodan; one of the most popular air source heat pumps in the Total Renewable Solutions range. 

Creative Solutions can provide an extensive range of colours when it comes to vinyl wraps; for the heat pump, the client opted for a stylish black satin. The muted aesthetic of the unit—compared to  the previous ‘white goods’ feel of the pump—enables it to blend seamlessly into its surroundings. 

The entire project, including the wrapping process, was completed by the production team at the Creative Solutions studio. The heat pump looks fantastic; a completely transformed aesthetic that the client was delighted with.

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Posted on December 18th 2020

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