Vehicle Graphics: Unique Mobile Advertising

Is it worth the investment?

Vehicle Graphics

5 Reasons to get Graphics on your Vehicle

A common question and a valid one too. Do vehicle graphics actually work? The immediate answer is yes, they really do. And here's why:

1)     It’s a limitless audience. Vehicle wraps are unique when compared to other forms of advertising in the sense that your audience is completely uncapped. Wherever you drive, your brand will be seen 24/7 and isn’t limited to any one location.

 2)      It’s a one-time job. When vehicle graphics are installed properly, they don’t need any maintenance or renewal. In fact, they actually protect the paintwork on the car and can be cleanly removed by a professional at any time, leaving your vehicle just how it was before you had it applied.

 3)      There’s a whole host of options available. From cut vinyl graphics to full wraps, chances are there’s something for you. From a whole new colour change to a full wrap with your business on, the sky is the limit. Think of a design, and make your vehicle the talk of the town.

 4)      Return on investment. A vehicle wrap isn’t a one off marketing ploy, it lasts as long as you want it to last. Compare this to the cost of newspaper or magazine ads where it’s discarded after the first read, and the potential value becomes clear. It’s an opportunity to promote your brand to a diverse audience, and needs to be part of your branding strategy.

 5)      Vehicle graphics look great! Whether it’s for business use or personal, when applied properly car graphics look superb and stand out like a sore thumb. They add a professional touch, significantly increase brand awareness and can make people’s head turn. There really isn’t any reason not to… 

Creative Solutions can produce stunning vehicle livery for you. We offer all services such as traditional vinyl lettering, half vehicle wraps with text as well as car wraps, lorry graphics, boat graphics, we can even apply graphics to your fridge or freezer! You'd be surprised at what we can do.

Did you know we also offer a design service? Utilise our in-house design team to help create a professional and affordable visual design.

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Posted by Rob on January 4th 2016

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