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Effective Vehicle Graphics for Waikato Milking Systems


Vehicle Branding for Waikato Milking Systems' Ford Ranger


Waikato Milking Systems

From humble beginnings in 1967 New Zealand, Waikato Milking Systems began life as a division of Alex Harvey Industries’ Plastics Moulding Company. Waikato Milking Systems was founded with a solid commitment to design, develop and manufacture evolutionary milking equipment for dairy farmers - worldwide. Officlally launched under its new name in 1992, Waikato Milking Systems  has gone from strength to strength, and in 2014, an ownership buyout of Waikato Milking Systems saw the company transfer to three institutional investors – Tainui Group Holdings, Ngai Tahu Capital and Pioneer Capital.

Today, Waikato Milking Systems is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of rotary milking systems and dairy technology in the world – a reputation built around the DNA and culture evident in the small R&D team of AHI’s Plastic Products’ Agricultural Division 50 years ago.


Bold Yet Understated Graphics

Vehicle graphics are well known to be one of the most cost effective and powerful forms of advertising as they give you the ability to take your branding with you on the move. Especially when used to contrast or compliment the paint colour of your vehicle, this added visibility naturally draws the eye, offering 24/7 marketing potential. 

The graphics were  installed whilst the Ford Ranger was at a nearby garage having some work done, so it was able to drive off the works area with a new engine AND branding! We are able to offer vehicle graphic installations at your premises or elsewhere, however we will always let you know the benefits of having the work done in a heat-regulated, dust-free and professional environment to guarantee best results. Vinyl medias like our vinyl lettering and decals used for vehicles can be fickle at the best of times, so having all the correct equipment around you to make sure the installation goes smoothly is always preferred.

As you can see here (above right) our in-house Graphic Design Studio are able to illustrate exactly how the new graphics will look on the vehicle once in place.

For Waikato Milking Systems, they were able to supply graphics that our team only needed to tinker to make sure they were perfectly sized and fit within the panels of Ford Ranger Truck.

We used a Black Gloss vinyl for the WAIKATO logo, and Pewter for the lettering underneath to stand proud but compliment the silver paint of the truck. Finished with a bright Melon Yellow  for the website and contact details.

We are able to precure the best vehicle graphics vinyls on the market in a massive range of colours, textures and finish options to suit all business branding colours and guidelines. We can also custom print vinyl applications so you can use images and patterns to really draw attention when your on the road.


Vehicle Graphics Most Asked Questions, Answered

Do I have to bring my vehicle to you, or can you travel for installation?  We are based in Axminster and have a fully fitted and maintained wrapping area for vehicles. Due to the nature of vinyl and its complexity, our space is dust-free, heat controlled, and spacious to allow for even the largest of vehicles. We would recommend that if you're able to bring your vehicle to us so we can control all elements and make sure your graphics not only look their best but can be applied in the best environment possible. We are able to travel for installation and will include any costs in doing so in your quote.

How long do Vehicle Graphics take to apply? We normally ask to have your vehicle for a day to be able to apply graphics. Pending the size of the vehicle, the area being covered, and the level of detail required, some vehicles can take a few days to complete. We will always discuss this with you during quotation so you are not caught out and can arrange alternative transport for the time your vehicle is with us.

How much does Vehicle Graphics cost? This really is dependent on the type and size of your vehicle, and again the amount of media and time for labour required. We created a handy guide detailing the ballpark figures you should allow pending on the type of work needed here. 

Can you help me design my Vehicle Graphics? Of course! We have a Design Team in-house fully equipped to walk you through the process and turn your branding, logo, and any other features you want into reality. We create a custom template for your make and model, and will then send proofs of what the final creation will look like before anything goes to print. We have an extensive catalog of previous clients too in our Vehicle Graphics blogs so you can see past work done.

Do you offer Vehicle Graphic removal? We also offer a removal service if you've got a vehicle with vinyl already installed, or needs replacing. Give us a call or email to discuss what you need doing.

Need Commercial Vehicle Graphics on BIG transport vehicles? No problem! We've done detailing to all sized vehicles used for all purposes. From full-length lorries to heavy machinery, once we know the size of the area you want worked on, we can use our large flatbed printers to create strips of full-colour vinyl up to 3 meters wide, and as many panels as needed!

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Posted by Samantha on November 16th 2022

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