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Vehicle Graphics for Mule - Mobile Valeting App

Mule is a mobile valeting start-up. You can book valeting through their new app for cars and vans in London. The app is launching soon.


Custom vehicle graphics

We were contacted by Mule to design graphics for two vehicles. The first was a Volkswagen Scirocco, the second a Vauxhall van.

Being a start-up operating in London, Mule wanted their vehicles to stand out. They wanted something big and bold for both. The idea was to create graphics that were so interesting they would make people google Mule and download the app. We were supplied a logo and a preferred colour pallet. The rest was down to our creative design team...


Expert graphic design, high quality printing

After our meeting with the client, we went away and got to work designing graphics for both vehicles. We presented mock-ups as 2D drawings to illustrate what each vehicle would look like. The final design was loud and proud, with big logos and contrasting colours.

For the Scirocco, a gloss vinyl was chosen. We used 3M1080-G13 Gloss Hotrod Red and 3M1080-G12 Gloss Black vinyl. All artwork was printed in-house on our digital printer and plotter. For the back window, we used a Clear Vision laminate. This has app details on it but doesn’t restrict the driver’s view.

For the Vauxhall van, we used the same vinyl for the sides and the same clear laminate for the back window. The difference is the artwork. It’s enlarged for the van because it’s longer.

Printing for both vehicles took us around half a day. Once we had everything printed up, the van was delivered to us for installation. Installation took place at our site in Axminster and was carried out by our experienced team. Installation took us a full day.

Mule are delighted with the artwork and print quality. The whole project was turned around in a week, on time and on budget. 

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Posted by Jedd on July 20th 2018

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