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Vehicle Graphics For Beaminster School Bus

Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle Graphics for Beaminster School Bus

Designing vehicle graphics for a school bus involves balancing safety, visibility, and aesthetics. Check out this local landscape-inspired and smart vehicle graphics application for Beaminster School Bus! 

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Trucks, lorries and buses adorned with vibrant graphics are a common sight along our roads and motorways, visible from considerable distances. We specialise in crafting tailor-made designs that maximise the entire surface area of your vehicle, regardless of its size. Whether it's full or partial wraps, or custom decals, we excel at ensuring your brand stands out.

Larger vehicles are often emblazoned with signage to enhance brand recognition and visibility on the road, and this extends to vehicle usage for schools, councils and local authorities.

We offer a wide range of options for your lorry or bus, including full-colour graphics, decals, high-visibility reflective markings, and essential health and safety notices. With our expertise, we can apply striking and attention-grabbing graphics to vehicles of any size, not just limited to lorries and buses.

Bus Graphics for Beaminster School Bus

Designing Graphics For The Beaminster Bus

The main aim was to replicate the graphics from the old bus onto the new one with a fresh twist while maintaining a smart appearance, drawing inspiration from the school's headed paper, this featured a coloured line graphic at the bottom, representing the school's house system, named after local hills:

  • Lewesdon: Red
  • Pilsdon: Purple
  • Eggardon: Dark Blue
  • Waddon: Green
  • Mapperton: Pale Blue

To incorporate these elements into the design and make it more exciting and recognisable for the children, we created a dynamic and visually appealing graphic that showcases the house system lines running along the top of the bus sides, following the curvature of the vehicle alongside the school's name and logo. Once the design elements and fonts were obtained, our talented in-house Graphic Designers set to work creating a artwork concept (see below) for the bus graphics , and the final graphics in place!

Beaminster School Bus Vehicle Graphics Artwork Visual
Bus Graphics For Beaminster School Bus
School Logo & Colourful Graphics for Beaminster School Bus
Bus Graphics For Beaminster School Bus

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Looking to elevate your larger vehicles with captivating vehicle graphics? Look no further than Creative Solutions! Our team specialises in crafting eye-catching designs that will turn your lorry, HGV, public or private buses into mobile marketing powerhouses. Stand out on the road and leave a lasting impression with Creative Solutions.

We have a specialist unit here in Axminster, Devon that can fit even the largest of lorries to create a controlled environment for premium and high-quality vehicle vinyl applications.

It was a pleasure to work alongside the Beaminster School team to re-invigorate their school bus and capture a graphic that appealed to all staff and student alike. We look forward to working with you again on future projects!

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Posted by Samantha on April 15th 2024

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