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Based in Portsmouth, Hampshire, but operating all across the UK, Driving Miss Daisy is an assisted transportation service that offers companionship and specially tailored experiences for those who want to get out and enjoy life.

They are fully trained to assist individuals with special needs, learning or physical disabilities, health or medical issues—or anyone just looking for a little companionship and a day out!


Creative Solutions know that accidents can happen, and our team has plenty of experience in helping customers when their vehicles need a bit of care and attention. 

We’ve been providing assistance for clients all over the South West—from Exeter and Yeovil, to Weymouth, Taunton and Dorchester. If your vehicle graphics or paintwork is looking a little worse for wear after a crash, we’ve got all the skills and know-how to restore them to their former glory.

The client contacted Creative Solutions after one of their people carriers sustained some damage to its offside rear. As their vehicle is so vitally important to their business and their customers, it was essential that the work was carried out efficiently, so it wasn’t off the road any longer than it needed to be.

The most effective method of repairing superficial exterior damage to a specific section like this, would be to provide a high-quality quarter vinyl wrap which could be printed in a matching colour and applied to the impacted area. 

We got to work right away.


During the initial consultation with the client, we were able to accurately match the vinyls from our comprehensive range of colour swathes. This would ensure that the replacement graphics were a perfect match. The aim of this kind of project is to make it look like the accident never happened, which can be achieved with a precise colour match and a flawless print and application process. 

After removing the existing damaged vinyls from the rear offside quarter and passenger front door handle, we applied the new graphics to the area. The gloss light blue vinyl wrap, which includes the ‘Daisy’ graphics supplied by the client, completely restores the affected panel. 

The customer was delighted with the finished job. Now they can go about providing a vital service to the community with a vehicle in prime condition.

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Posted on February 12th 2021

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