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UV Protection Window Film for the Lyme Regis Museum


Looking to protect the collection of brilliant paintings, artefacts and objects whilst not on display, Lyme Regis Museum worked closely with highly regarded History Expert and Consultant David Tucker to assist in the future-proofing of its invaluable works.

Lyme Regis Museum is based in the heart of the seaside town, and beckons visitors from across the UK with an array of spectacular fossil collections, maritime and domestic objects, paintings, prints and photographs. Quite a special and unusually large collection for such a small museum due to Lyme's rich local history, it cannot all be displayed at once and needs to be carefully protected when not on show.


The Museum's extensive collection not only needs to be displayed in a manner unique to each piece, but also needs to be stored and cared for in a way out of the harmful effects this modern era brings. A room well suited to paintings and artefact storage unfortunately had a rather large disadvantage when it comes to the everyday effects of being in the sun - large windows and UV exposure.

The room needed to not only be protected for UV rays, but also add obscurity to the open face of the building and prying eyes. As specialists in all manner of vinyls, we set to work sourcing a high-quality, UV resistant, tinted vinyl with a host of other benefits.


The window spaces were all measured to allow for a precision edge-to-edge vinyl application so the room would be fully protected. The UV400 film used hosts a world of benefits not only for historical collections but can be used in office spaces, homes, conservatories and domestic settings. A tinted option was chosen for the added benefit of privacy without obstructing light avaialability in the room. The benefits of UV Protection Window film also include:

  • 100% ultraviolet UVA and UVB ray rejections
  • High infared heat rejection
  • Blocks damaging UV rays
  • Non-oxidised (non-toxic)
  • Non-fading
  • Super wear-resistant
  • High anti-scratch
  • Long-Term usage

Perfect for this type of space and usage, UV Protection Window Film will allow for safe storage of the Museum's artefacts and paintings as it will reduce the effect of fading, bleaching and heat from the open windows. UV400 window tint film harnesses the ability to not only reject UVA and UVB rays, but also heat allowing the room to stay cooler and fresh during the warmer months of the year.

The window vinyl has a very strong, non-toxic adhesive to cling to the window surface, and can be used for many years looking fresh as the day it was applied with a non-fading, super wear resistant finish.

It was a pleasure to travel to Lyme and help protect our local history doing what we do best!

Posted by Samantha on April 26th 2022

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