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Tray Signage For Opcare


Opcare offer a comprehensive range of prosthetic services for both upper and lower limb loss—or limb absence from birth. As trusted healthcare professionals, they always opt for the best-suited solution for the patient’s particular needs.

The service provided by Opcare, in partnership with the NHS, is extensive and considered. They employ a whole host of clinicians, technicians, administrators in each of their numerous centres around the UK—including Exeter, the location of this particular project. It’s here they function and provide crucial central support. 

Opcare are also experts in the field of orthotics, working closely alongside the NHS to provide this vital facility in NHS clinics. They take care of over 80,000 NHS orthotic patients and, as a result, employ orthotists, technicians and administrators in centres throughout the country.


Opcare were looking for a whole range of signage products—both for outdoor and indoor use. A large proportion of the brief was focused on creating a number of different outdoor displays, which would include signs for staff-only entrances, delivery instructions—as well as a main entrance sign for the Exeter Mobility Centre. 

After liaising with the client, it was decided the most suitable outdoor signage choice would be aluminium tray signs. This versatile product provides a much more unique aesthetic than the standard panel sign. With a striking 3D effect, no visible fixings, and the stunning graphic print of your choice, the tray sign is an excellent option for this kind of public building.

On top of the visual qualities of the display, the tray sign also has physical characteristics which make it ideal for outdoor use. Aluminium tray signs do not rust, corrode or fade. They can be powder coated in any colour, and, due to their natural rigidity, tray signs do not need a frame. 

Aluminium tray signs are a stylish, contemporary signage option and are suitable for exterior fascias on corporate and public buildings, schools, retail outlets, industrial units—and lots more besides!

As well as the tray signs, Creative Solutions would also be providing a large quantity of interior signs which would be fixed to the various doors around the building.


Creative Solutions supplied the client with 50 full-colour direct printed Forex boards for use within the Opcare building. These 5mm thick signs, 300 by 150mm in size, would be placed on specific doors throughout the complex. A clear and simple white font was used for the room information, over a dark brown background. This ensures that the details stand out and can be read quickly and easily. The bottom panel of the sign featured the recognisable Opcare branding.

We also provided one ‘staff-only entrance’ and one ‘goods in and out’ fabricated aluminium tray sign in landscape orientation, each measuring 1000mm by 200mm. The returns were folded at 90 degrees, 50mm all round with welded corner seams, to achieve the raised 3D effect. The tray signs were coated with traffic white gloss on both the face and the returns.

In addition, Opcare were supplied with one ‘main entrance’ and one ‘front entrance’ tray sign, both of which came with folded 90 degree returns—again, 50mm all round with welded corner seams— and coated with traffic white gloss on both the face and returns. All the signs were branded with the Opcare and NHS logos.

Because of the sheer number of signage products ordered, the entire installation took 2 days to complete and the overall pricing included fuel, travel and labour. Opcare were thrilled with the final result—each element was finished to an extremely high standard and the signs more than achieve their function as clear and eye-catching visual communication devices.

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Posted on August 7th 2020

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