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As an independent plumbing merchant with multiple branches around Somerset, Devon, Wiltshire and Dorset, Total Plumbing Supplies reach a large number of customers every day. Since starting up in 2001, the company has prided itself on providing the timeless combination of quality products with amazing customer service. As well as stocking an impressive expanse of plumbing products, the knowledgeable team at Total Plumbing Supplies can also offer local installers, as well as local free delivery.


Through our long standing relationship with Total Plumbing Supplies, we've provided a number of signage and graphics solutions over the years. In this particular instance, we were requested to come up with some new van graphics to help them stand out from the competition. Doing this was of key importance, as their fleet is an indispensable tool to advertise the company while they're out driving between branches and clients. 


Through open communication, we and Total Plumbing Supplies reached a mutual conclusion on the design of the van graphic to match their other vans - consistent branding is key, after all. For an independent company such as this, high-level exposure such as enticing graphics is vital for drawing in new customers. The work took just a day to complete at our Axminster site, meaning that Total Plumbing Supplies' productivity and customers didn't need to suffer while the work was completed. 

The type of van graphic application required was to cover the sides of the van box and a partial cab wrap. As this was the case, it was decided that we would use a variety of high-quality materials so that our client could get true value for their money. For example, cut-vinyl colours were used to ensure a proper match to previous logo branding. Additionally, digital printing in the form of gloss laminate was used for images to truly make them pop against the sides of the van. 

If your company requires van signwriting or similar services, get in contact with Creative Solutions today. We're always excited to form more new and exciting relationships with companies, as we've done with Total Plumbing Supplies! To find out more about our affordable vehicle wrapping solutions, contact us at Creative Solutions today by calling us on 01297 630130 or sending us an email at

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Posted on August 12th 2019

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