Top Five Creative Solutions for printed branding at village fetes

With summer upon us there's a raft of business and promotion opportunities being presented at village fetes and small craft fairs up and down the country. Whether you're a sole trader, social enterprise or small business, whether you're raising awareness or selling products you need to be noticed.

Taking full sized trade show exhibition stands to a village fete is likely to be unpractical, and too much corporate gloss can cause your potential customers to give you a wide berth.

So how do you promote your brand at a village fete? We've come up with our top five creative branding ideas for village fetes.

1. Flyers

Business cards can sometimes feel a bit 'formal' when you're surrounded by cream teas and villagers but a small A5 or A6 flyer can help get your message across to potential customers, and bring passing trade back to your stand later in the day.

A professionally designed and printed flyer speaks volumes about your business. Don't forget to include a phone number, website and email address so your customers can always follow up their interest the following day if they want to.

2. Banner stands

Banner stands are perfect for the compact footprint of village fetes. Positioned beside your stand they can help to draw people in, and also get your message out from a distance.

A roller banner stand with a solid base rather than a twist out foot will be more stable on soft grass.

Don't make your font sizes too small, or your message too complex, and remember that a professional design which ties your whole brand together is invaluable. People will remember your brand, and that means they'll remember you.

3. Printed banners

A printed banner hanging across the front of your table can help you stand out, and help passing trade to remember your name. A design that ties in with the rest of your brand can make even the simplest of tables or stalls look fantastic.

With wide format printing you can now choose between cut vinyl or printed banners depending on your design requirements.

4. Vehicle graphics

For small fetes and fairs you'll likely find that your car is parked near your customers cars, and relatively near to your pitch. You'll also be one of the first to arrive, and one of the last to leave, which makes your vehicle the perfect place to promote your brand.

Vehicle graphics can be a fantastic way of grabbing your customers attention before they've even seen your stall, and also a great reminder of how professional and established your brand is when they leave.

5. Flags

If space allows a flag can be a fantastic way of getting your business noticed when you're outdoors. If you're one of the few vendors at a fete with a flag it provides not only prominent branding and outdoor signage but also acts as a convenient landmark for customers.

Roller Banner Stands
Roller Banner Stands

So, there we are. Our top five creative solutions for printed branding at village fetes. If you'd like to talk to us about printing and design why not give us a call on 01297 444 665 or send an email to We'd love to hear from you.

Posted on June 28th 2013

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