To All Our Graphic Design Clients - This Week's Friday Inspirations

It is fair to say that we have a soft spot for designers who dig deep to give the world great graphics. When an exceptionally well designed piece of art work comes to us for wide-format printing there is a palpable sense of excitement takes over the studio. The team is filled with a feeling of collective pride that we are part of the process of bringing the design to life. The usual attention we pay to media quality and colour matching is further heightened. We cannot wait to stand back and feast our eyes on the finished article. As people in the business of printing all manner of stuff, it's the kind of thing that makes our day.

And we like to keep up with our graphic design clients by staying curious and informed about their side of the process - the creative and design aspects, as well as our own technical side of things - print technologies, print media, inks and so on.

When keeping abreast of all things design Maria Popova's Brain Pickings is a favourite site; it is packed full of meticulously researched and brilliantly curated design and cultural reference. Today I wanted to share, with a great deal of enthusiasm, this feature on typography. Thank you Maria Popova.

If you are designing something today, I hope this inspires, energises and excites you to great things. Happy Friday everyone, and here's to all our great graphic design clients.

Posted on May 18th 2012

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