Three useful ways to use panel kits and room dividers

Whilst large, open office spaces are much sought-after these days, making the best use of them can be a challenge. The following are three helpful ideas using panel kits and room dividers:

1. Create new rooms
Don't have a meeting room, a break room or any other designated space? You can create one for a fraction of the cost and effort of building a real room using room dividers. They offer a surprising amount of privacy and sound control, even whilst situated right in the middle in the buzz and noise of the office floor.

2. Design exhibiting areas
If you want to create any sort of exhibition space, be it the whole room or an area separate to the rest of the office, panel kits can help. You can plan out the exhibition, create room for all display stands and control the ‘flow' of visitors.

3. Fit more employees in
Trying to organise a broad, open office, fit it with workstations for your employees and make the most efficient use of the space can be very difficult. This is where room dividers come in, helping you to ‘mark out' the space and fit it with more cubicles, zones and workspaces.


Posted on May 31st 2011

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