Things to consider when choosing display stands

Your exhibition stand is your sales tool, it is the platform from which you engage with your customers and get the word out about your products, services or your brand. There is a lot of competition at trade shows and exhibitions, and a sub-standard display stand will not cut it against the sophisticated exhibition wall panels and linear modular displays your rivals are likely to be using.

Therefore, you need to choose your display stand very carefully. Bear in mind that as it needs to last you for a good few years (replacing your stand every year can get very expensive), the design you choose must be as flexible as possible.

Modular systems can be a great option if your exhibiting budget changes from year to year, as you can add on and take away depending on how much you have to spend. Your display stand should give you lots of options, such as adding LCD screens, whiteboards, podiums and other features.

One final point to bear in mind is ease of transportation. You ideally need lightweight display stands that can be easily set up by just one or two people, and that packs away into a compact carry case.

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Posted on June 9th 2011

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