The Travelling Salesman on Facebook

I hear a lot of businesses say that they would really like to have one of their sales people travelling the country demonstrating their products, talking about their services and adding the unbeatable magic of the personal touch to their brand communications.

What stops most from realising this ambition is budget - the cost of travel, accommodation and so on, can be prohibitive. In addition, the desire not to add to their business carbon footprint is also a growing concern. For anyone in the same boat, this idea could be just the ticket - Evina.

Evinar is essentially a really simple, low/no cost way of inviting people to your very own online live broadcast on facebook - via your computer webcam. 

Imagine setting that up. Would you consider setting aside a corner of the office as your broadcast space - dressed with your branding?  If you are going to demo products, it is worth thinking about a simple branded plinth. Or perhaps you don't have the space and want a couple of banners that you can very simply set up minutes before your salesman takes on the (metaphorically speaking) the world. These are just some really, really basic ideas. We can come up with a whole heap more - those customised to your needs, your Evinar ambitions and budget.

If you are interested in exploring this idea further, first go and check out Evina and then give me, Ben, a call on 01297 444 665 or tweet me @BenCreativeSol.

Posted on May 3rd 2012

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