The importance of following up after a trade show

An awful lot of work goes into marketing your business at an exhibition or trade show. You spend time and energy planning your marketing strategy, designing and ordering your banner stands and graphics.

At the event itself, you and your team work incredibly hard to attract visitors to your display stands and promote your products or services. You give away promotional items and marketing materials, as well as making valuable contacts and impressing prospective clients.

To ensure that your hard work pays off, however, it is very important that you follow up on your trade show appearance when the event is over. Don't waste any time in reconnecting with contacts and prospects, checking in with potential clients and reinforcing the positive image you created at the trade show.

Increase your credibility and show your dedication by following through on any promises you made at the show, such as sending marketing materials or calling a potential client with more information. Prepare these post-show materials even before the event itself, but keep careful track of what you send out so as not to bombard those on your prospects list.

Your exhibition appearance is likely to have generated leads and prospects, but immediately after the show is the most opportune time to turn these into sales.


Posted on May 26th 2011

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