Calling all Christmas Market Retailers!

The Christmas Shopping Push

The clocks have gone back another hour, the weather is on the turn and it’s getting dark far too early… Whether you choose to embrace it or not, Christmas is less than 10 weeks away!

Businesses across the country are well underway in preparing themselves for the big push; the inflated crowds, crazed excitement and the influx of annual Christmas shoppers. A massive part of that preparation is planning an advertising and marketing campaign, ensuring your business stands out and attracts customers to your store or stand over and above competitors. New promotional banners, point of sale displays, pavement signs and posters are integral in capturing the boosted shopping crowds.

Christmas Shopping

Bold and colourful stand off lettering is a great way of attracting customers

The wine lovers will be delighted to hear Christmas Markets will be popping up in most major towns and cities across the country in the coming weeks. Close to home here in Devon, we have the Exeter Christmas Market, Plymouth Christmas Market and Bristol Christmas Market where we can provide a variety of marketing and sign solutions. The German style Christmas markets are ever increasing in popularity, with traders flogging unique festive goods, bespoke presents and an array of food and drink under star-lit nights. In tandem the late night shopping experience is continually becoming bigger and better, with many businesses continually coming up with new ideas- putting on large scale events and creating memorable experiences for customers.

Christmas Market

Projecting signs are particularly useful in crowded areas

With the large crowds and pop-up stalls packed in tight, standing out and capturing customer’s attention is vital. Choosing the right range of signs and display could help you achieve this. Printed backdrops, outdoor banner stands, chalk a-boards are all great options for your display. In whatever capacity creating a planned, structured festive advertising campaign is a sure fire way to increase sales over the next few months.

Creative Solutions have vast experience and expertise in retail display and signage, with over 15 years of helping customers with their print, signs, display and exhibition needs. We also have an in-house design studio on hand to assist you in designing your display products. 

Posted by Rob on October 30th 2015

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