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T3 Exhibition Stand
T3 Modular Display
T3 Exhibition

The T3 Modular Display System is completely unique in that you can grow your stand as your business grows too. You can reconfigure, reuse and add different sections with ease to your existing T3. This makes it a hugely cost effective marketing tool, you won’t have to buy a new stand for each new exhibition. 

With the easy set up and practical beam lengths, the T3 can actually be used in a wide variety of environments. It’s one system with a huge range of possibilities. It can also be used for conference backdrops, portable lightboxes, point of sale displays, meeting room backdrops and even photo booths!

The T3 requires absolutely no tools to set up. No other system can rival the ease of use and flexibility of the T3 modular display system. It’s able to carry all types of media including rigid or rollable panels, fabrics and textiles.

All of the components are fire rated, and require no tools to get set up. The key components consist of an aluminium beam and a connector, and the rest follows on from there. Everything connects via the ‘twist and lock’ mechanism, meaning you can create a stunning display in no time! 

Posted by Rob on March 4th 2016

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