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Sundeala Noticeboards Alternative - Make Way For Polycolour FR®


Sundeala Noticeboards Alternative - Make Way For Polycolour FR®


What is Polycolour FR®?

If you are looking for an alternative to the popular Sundeala Noticeboard range originally sold by TeacherBoards, look no further! Sundeala Noticeboards were made incredibly popular by a long list of benefits, topped by the fact they are produced from 100% recycled materials e.g coffee cups, egg boxes, newsprint and teabag fabric to boot. What made these boards so versatile is because they are a compressed single fibreboard, unlike felt wrapped foam, they can be cut to any shape, and any size to suit all settings including schools, offices, studios, home offices and more.

Recycled Polycolour FR® Noticeboards are now fast becoming the replacement to Sundeala  with  an equally impressive resume of benefits, placement options, manufacturing bonuses, eco-friendliness ratings AND pricing. So what is Polycolour FR®, and why should you consider it?

Polycolour FR® noticeboards are acoustically absorbent panels with a felt like finish available in a range of vibrant colours. They are made from 100% PET plastic which depending on the colour, contain up to 90% post-consumer material. Polycolour FR® are also recyclable back into the PET waste stream, making them indefinitely eco-friendly. They also come with a Fire Rating to BS EN 13501- Class B Fire Rating, making them a safe and practical solution for use at home and in the workplace.

Available in a range of vibrant and muted colours to suit any environment, they have a soft felt-like finish and can be unframed or framed in aluminium or hardwood, providing all the inspiration you need to get creative and match up to your current style and colour scheme. These boards are versatile too. As well as using them on walls you can put them on ceilings and integrate them into existing furniture systems. And, if the open plan office is a touch too noisy, choose recycled notice boards. Not only are they decorative, they also absorb sound with a noise reduction co-efficient of 0.8. You can also choose to have your Polycolour FR® Noticeboard printed to incorporate branding and simple imagery onto your information display point.

Aluminium Framed Recycled Polycolour Noticeboard
Aluminium Framed Recycled Polycolour Noticeboard
Wooden Framed Recycled Polycolour Noticeboard
Wooden Framed Recycled Polycolour Noticeboard
Frameless Recycled Polycolour Noticeboard
Frameless Recycled Polycolour Noticeboard
Custom Printed Recycled Polycolour Notice Board
Custom Printed Recycled Polycolour Notice Board


Polycolour FR vs Sundeala K

Not only does Polycolour FR® match or exceed the benefits of Sundeala K, it is also much more readily available from a dedicated supplier making waves in the eco-friendly print market. We want to make sure you have a reliable stream of products at hand, sold at great prices with and incredible team on-hand to help with your order. From ordering a 1-off replacement board, to kitting out a new office, we can help with your project from start to finish.

We are also dedicated to sourcing products to expand the range based on your recommendations; we now offer Lockable Aluminium Framed Polycolour Noticeboards and a Wooden Framed Lockable Polycolour FR® option, great for schools, hallways, church halls, community centres, where displays need a little added protection.

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Polycolour FR®

Sundeala K Quality Board

Material 100% PET Plastic 100% Waste Cellulose Materials
Fire Rating BS EN 13501 - Class B Fire Rating BS EN 13501 - Class B Fire Rating

Circular manufactured - 100% recyclable at the end of life

Circular manufactured - 100% recyclable at the end of life

NRC Acoustic Rating

Tested to NRC EN 13964;2004+A1:2006


Moisture Resistant



Colours Available 65! 5+
Framing Options Unframed, Aluminium Framed, Wooden Framed Unframed
Printable Yes - UV Digital Printable Unknown
Max Sheet Size 9mm : 9mm x 1220mm x 2420mm 9mm : 9mm x 1220mm x 2420mm


What Polycolour FR® Boards Do You Offer?

We are able to offer a fantastic range of like-for-like Polycolour FR® noticeboards as alternatives to the Sundeala range you are use to, as well as host options to really push the limits of your imagination when it comes to installing a new information display point.

Here we've shortlisted the options and their unique selling points. All the board options listed below have the same great benefits, check out the grid above to see what those are.

Frameless Polycolour FR Pinboards

Frameless Polycolour FR® Pinboards

Looking for a seamless option to either join multiple boards together, or do without the bulky frames? Our seamless boards are the same colour throughout the board, so you can create a neat and tidy, minimalist space. Great as well for saving on weight if mounting to the ceiling, you can bond these boards directly to the wall with velcro tape or an adhesive.

  • Seamless, clean finish
  • Save on mounting weight without the frame
  • Great for joining multiple boards together for longer or larger displays
  • Can be directly mounted or drilled
Aluminium Framed Polycolour Notice Boards

Aluminium Framed Polycolour FR® Notice Boards

An absolute fail-safe, and by far one of the most popular notice board options for all institutions, is the Aluminium framed option. It's clean, sleek, trusted and looks great is all spaces. We also offer the Wooden Framed Polycolour FR® Noticeboard in a range of finishes for a more natural feel.

  • Incredibly popular notice board, great for schools, offices, hallways and high-traffic areas
  • Aluminium Frame, or Wooden FSC-Sourced Timber Frame
  • Easy to mount and clean
  • All the same colour and customisation options
Lockable Polycolour FR Notice Boards

Lockable Polycolour FR® Notice Boards

When a little added security is needed for high-traffic areas, schools, corridors, churches or community spaces. We host a range of size options to easily display posters and other noticed in. These boards are for internal usage, and come with a set of keys and a strong  ultra-clear plexi-glass acrylic face. The size of the board denotes if it will have a single or dual door. We also offer the Lockable Wooden Framed Polycolour FR® Noticeboard in a range of finishes for a more natural feel.

  • Lockable Polycolour FR® option for high-traffic areas
  • Internal use only
  • Great range of sizes with single or dual door opening
  • Aluminium Frame, or Wooden FSC-Sourced Timber Frame
Custom Shaped Polycolour FR Tiles

Custom Shaped Polycolour FR® Tiles

We can take the standard coloured sheets of Polycolour FR®, and cut custom shapes and designs to bring a wow-factor to any space. Remember Polycolour FR® is also highly sound absorbent and noise reducing, so this is a great feature to include in studios, open--plan offices, bedrooms and home offices. This product is POA due to the range of options and customisation available.

  • Loads of different colours to choose from
  • We can cut any shape
  • Create vibrant unique and practical spaces
  • In-House Graphic Design Team on hand to assist with layout
Custom Printed Polycolour Pin Board

Custom Printed Polycolour FR® Pin Boards

We are able to print Polycolour FR® with your design to give your space a vibrant feature piece. We recently printed boards for an office with their brand logo across the middle - a great unifying feature for all the desks! We recommend simple designs as the base colour of Polycolour FR® is off-white.

  • Custom print your Design
  • Printed on White/Light Grey Polycolour FR® for the best vibrancy
  • UV Digital Print which is also Eco-friendly
  • Take ownership of your space

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Posted by Samantha on April 24th 2023

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