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Stunning Photography Prints for Heavers of Bridport


Heavers of Bridport are renowned in the local area for their brilliant reputation, fantastic service and the quality of products offered. Reem's of enviable home improvements, dream home glass ideas and beautiful exterior photographs of their installations on social media are enough to add to anyone's personal 'Home Improvements' List on Pinterest! They already have some stunning photography prints in their new showroom, capturing the beauty of gazing out of your window onto lush countryside.

James Loveridge is a renowned local photographer in Dorset and Devon, capturing scenery and landscapes in calm, turbulent and magical aura's throughout the year for stunning representation in homes and businesses. We have worked with James for many years reproducing his photo's onto wallpaper in a camping pod, wall murals and aluminium prints for lots of local shops and businesses.


Working with James and Heavers of Bridport is always a pleasure. James' photography is always print-ready in immaculate quality for large-format printing, this teamed with Heavers modern and contemporary showroom where you can browse the state-of-the-art collection of windows, doors and glass structures shows off the best of both.

For this installation project, we simply needed to size the available space and prep our printers for the ACM product selected. ACM is an incredibly versatile signage and display option, with both indoor and outdoor benefits. Its lightweight for wall mounting, weatherproof for exterior signage, and we laminate all pieces to be UV protected and long lasting for colour vibrancy and scratch-resistance.

1. Blank Blue Fascia Panel Cleaned and Prepped
2. Laying the Cloud Vinyl Applications along the 6m stretch of panelling
3. Final Clouds being placed and checked against the briefing sheet


Artwork printing can take many forms and be done on even more types of canvas. Traditionally this will be done in a framed photography format, or on fabric canvas. Heavers of Bridport has definitely achieved a space and feel in their showroom dedicated to the individual, with a open-plan space and modern setting. These ACM prints are a great, creative way to display photography and artwork in a different way,  bringing the outdoors inside.

We're able to cut and shape ACM to any specification. Your design, be it creative or corporate, is then printed on a premium vinyl then applied to the face of the ACM, and laminated for long-lasting protection and finish. Any fixings can be applied as per your request for either a seamless finish on the wall, or with stand off locators in a range of finishes to make your print physically 'pop' off the wall. All printing is done in-house on our state-of-the-art printers to the highest standards and superb high-resolution for crisp, clear photo recreation.

We hope these printed pieces catch the eye of your visitors. Photography shots can be purchased directly with James Loveridge if you are looking for a timeless and beautiful scenic shot for your own business or home.

Posted by Samantha on May 13th 2022

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