Stay Lucky with these 7 Branding Tips

1. Know your brand. Be your brand.
Know your brand story inside out - what does it stand for, what are its values, what does it do, what is its mission, who does it admire, who does it inspire. And then ‘BE' all those things.

2. Stay consistent.
Keep the tone of voice of your brand consistent across ALL customer interactions. It is easy to only think about the big things - campaigns, adverts and so on. But the reality is that your customers have a far greater direct, day-to-day contact with your brand communications through things like your emails, invoices, delivery notes and labels, tweets, Facebook posts and customer services calls.

3. Consistent does not mean Stagnant.
Understand that any good story has layers - your brand story is no exception. So whilst you must stay consistent, find layers within your brand that can be continuously developing, keeping the brand fresh, interesting and growing.

4. Think words, pictures and sounds.

You will need to employ all three in communicating your brand. In certain contexts visuals will carry far greater impact than words, in others sound will create far more lasting emotional resonance combine with image. And sometimes only words will do. But when creating your brand bibles include all three.

5. Get your house in order.
Do your colleagues and their teams know as much about your brand as you do? What about your suppliers and distributors? Clear and compelling internal brand communications are vital. You are not asking your staff to tell a story, you are asking them to become the story- they need to know what that story is.

6. Read minds. (actually, ask questions)

Do not ask what your clients ‘think' about your brand, find out what it ‘means' to them. Take responsibility for finding out ways in which you can matter more. What can you offer?

7. Give it time.
Successful brand building is not a one-time event. It is an on-going process of creation, nurturance and development that deserves time. Your brand is the core, the beating heart, around which your business is built. Treat it with respect, Live it with conviction, Share it with enthusiasm.

Posted on May 22nd 2012

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