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Stand-off Lettering for a Private Client


A private client got in touch with the team here at Creative Solutions looking to inject a bit of style and sophistication to the doorway of their residential property. The client requested that we design, create and install a stand-off letter acrylic No.5 sign for the cove above the entrance of their front door. 

To add to the sense of refinement, the lettering for the sign would be faced in gold vinyl. Against an egg shell blue wall, this would create a beautifully elegant aesthetic.

While the bulk of our work is focused mainly on commercial signage, we’re always delighted to help customers with their personal home improvement projects. However small or elaborate your vision, we can help at every step of the process to make your graphic design dream a reality. 

From initial concept, all the way to creation and installation, we can provide a highly-quality service and product.


One of the keywords for this brief was sophistication, something we took into consideration when choosing the font for the sign. The classic typeface certainly meets those requirements; simple yet elegant capitalized lettering, something which you might find on the shopfront of a high-end Parisian fashion boutique. It certainly creates a lasting impression.

To further enhance the feeling of luxury and style, the 9.5mm acrylic lettering was faced in gold vinyl—a colour that really compliments the blue wall on which it is fixed. As part of the final installation, the team used stand-off locators to create the dynamic, three-dimensional effect. 

The client was delighted with the results. The sign is exactly what they were looking for: sophisticated, refined and stylish. It won’t fail to make an impact and adds a touch of elegance to the entrance of their property.

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Posted on June 23rd 2021

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