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Social Distancing Anti-Slip Floor Stickers for Woodroffe School


An esteemed comprehensive based in Lyme Regis, Dorset, Woodroffe School was founded by Alban Woodroffe MBE—a celebrated local landowner and academic. In 1932, Woodroffe presided over the construction of the original hillside site of the school, with its stunning views of the harbour town of Lyme Regis.

The school started the first three decades of its existence as a mixed grammar, enrolling students from the rural and coastal regions of West Dorset and East Devon.

These days, Woodroffe is a fully modern comprehensive school with a broad and balanced curriculum. As a centre of learning, the school aims to promote equality and inclusiveness, while ensuring that all Woodroffe students have every tool at their disposal to excel, develop and build knowledge during their time there.


Woodroffe contacted Creative Solutions looking for us to design and create a large quantity of anti-slip floor stickers to be used in key areas of the school complex.

Creative Solutions have been supplying printed anti-slip floor stickers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, as the government’s strict social distancing measures have gradually started to ease—and students prepare to return to schools, colleges and universities in the coming months—we have been creating and installing them in a number of different education facilities.

These high-quality printed stickers are designed for both indoor and outdoor environments; their resilient, non-slip texture makes them perfectly suited for a public building like a school. They are an ideal method of promoting social distancing in an educational setting.

In order for our customers to choose the right product for their needs, the stickers have been sorted into a number of‘anti-slip’ rating categories. For Woodroffe School, with a large number of people occupying a space at any one time, it was decided that an R12-rated anti-slip sticker was the best product to ensure student and staff safety.


We provided the client with three different anti-slip floor sticker designs, each with a different instruction (Be Smart Keep 1m+ Apart!) or visual graphic to help promote social distancing. The high-quality printed and cut 300mm diameter stickers, displaying either written guidelines or a red footprint graphic, used a distinct red and white colour scheme, which made the relevant details and visual communications easily digestible for the Woodroffe students and staff. To keep the branding consistent, the school’s logo was printed on each sticker.

As agreed with the client, each sticker was supplied with an R12 slip rating—ideal for short-term use in both outdoor and indoor environments. Woodroffe can now open their doors with confidence, knowing they have the perfect social distancing signage in place for the upcoming school year.

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Posted on September 4th 2020

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