Six top tips for creating the perfect business card

Business cards can be a brilliant networking tool, an essential for all professional companies wanting to be taken seriously. However, they can only be truly effective if you get the design spot-on.

Here are a few tips to help you produce perfect business cards:

1. Be memorable. Make your design striking and unique to your company or brand, so that it will be remembered weeks or even months after the meeting.

2. Keep it simple. In such a small space as a business card, your message needs to be short, sharp and strong. Anyone viewing the card needs to know who you are, how to get in touch with you and a hint of how creative/professional you are - and that's it.

3. Choose a timeless design. Don't be fooled by trends that may come and go, leaving your business cards looking embarrassingly passé. Instead, stick with something that will always be considered stylish and fashionable.

4. Make your contact details clear, and include all methods of communication (email, phone, address).

5. Don't order too many cards at once unless you can be certain that your details won't change any time soon (i.e. moving office). Once you're happy with the design, order away and get a good deal.

6. Choose your printing company carefully, one that will do a professional job and do it fast.

If you need any more help or ideas on designing your perfect business cards, feel free to call one of our experts on 01297 444 665.


Posted on April 26th 2011

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