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Site Signage for Rural Retreat, High Grange


New Site Signage for High Grange


High Grange

High Grange is a family-run business in the rolling hills of East Devon, run by Sara and husband Luke, a chef and wine merchant with over 20 years experience of cooking and teaching. Previously living in London, lockdown caused many to re-evaluate their living, and prompted a big move to East Devon onto the 3 acre land to start anew with a breath of fresh air.

Harnessing their love of outdoor spaces, and invaluable training and skills in business, food and beverages (and how to have a good time), the High Grange site offers a wealth of individual and family experiences from outdoor cookery with fire pits, pizza ovens and more, as well as lush outdoor woodland dining areas for supper clubs and lunches. For those in need of a little TLC, you can also partake in a range of wellness events and classes from yoga, pilates and reiki to sound baths and breathwork; you can also find creative masterclasses covering everything from dried flower arranging to growing your own vegetables.

Sounds like Heaven!


Branded Signage for Welcoming Wayfinding

Getting your business ready for the peak summer tourist and visitor season is a must, whilst also making sure you are easily visible, especially if you are a hidden gem like High Grange! 

Needing a complete display package for a new space is our speciality. As you can see from the wealth of product options and blogs we create, our expert team is on hand to navigate your vision, and create truly bespoke displays to suit all areas of your business.

The vision for all the new site signage was a seamless branded creation, showing the brand logo clearly, as well as help visitors navigate the large site and offerings. Most notably was a double signage installation on two opposing gates at the entrance. Due to the hill they are placed on, both needed to be cut at angles to form a parallelogram shape, whilst making sure the logo and text was centred and straight on each.

Various building name plaques and wayfinding signs were created, and perfectly matched to the mounting surface, be it brick, wood, cobblestone, posts and stand-off locators. All signs were created from the ever-popular, cost-effective and long-lasting Aluminium Composite Material (ACM). The exception to this is the cut acrylic twig logo, made from 3 seperate pieces of coloured acrylic mounted to the door with stand off locators.

ACM can be cut to any shape and comes in large sheet panels that can be seamlessly joined if big displays are needed. We printed each design onto a highly adhesive vinyl which is matt laminated for extra longevity and weather-protection, this is then applied to the ACM sheet and edges wrapped for an elegant, contemporary display. ACM is lightweight and can be mounted in several different ways. You can see from the gallery above it can be flat-panel mounted onto wooden supports, stuck directly to the surface, or even drilled and mounted for a stand-off displays.


Contemporary Meets Country

High Grange boasts the best outdoor activities on its perfectly presented and welcoming site, blending rural country living with high-end, contemporary branding throughout.

Being able to offer signage solutions for difficult or complicated areas of your business is never an issue. If you are looking for multiple types of signage, or like High Grange have an awkward space like their off-piste fencing, please get in contact and we can send a member of the team to conduct a site visit with you.

Working with High Grange was a fantastic way to introduce ourselves. They provided us with all their logo's, artwork and colours (RAL/HEX) and were assisted by our in-house design team who will always proof and send you artwork so you can see the final creations before they happen.

The site is now ready for the Summer Season and all the delights it has to offer, it was a pleasure being able to assist the team there with this signage, and look forward to being of service to them again in the future!

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Posted by Samantha on July 11th 2022

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