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Signage Reface for Total Plumbing in Honiton


Signage Refacing for Total Plumbing in Honiton


Total Plumbing 

Established in 2001, Total Plumbing Supplies are in independent plumbers' merchant supplying to both trade and public customers in Dorset, Somerset, Wiltshire and Devon. Over the years they have built a solid reputation within the industry and local area for supplying quality service, products, and the highest levels of customer care.

Total Plumbing have been a client of ours for many years, allowing us to supply them with internal showroom featuresinternal and external signage and display items, fleet vehicle graphics and advertisement banners and it has been our pleasure to continue upgrading their existing signage so they are always looking their best.

Now years down the line after installation, their branch in Honiton was needed a signage refresh now the vinyl faces had reached the end of their life expectancy.

Signage Refacing on Side of Building for Total Plumbing Supplies
Signage Refacing on Side of Building for Total Plumbing Supplies


Refacing Signs for Refreshed Vibrancy

Regardless of how well external signage is maintained, it ages. Continuous exposure to the elements, UV and all the weather has to offer takes its toll and the natural deterioration of the signage will start to become more evident. There comes a time when signs need to be updated or replaced, but if the main structure is intact and in good condition - this is where reskinning signs can be a much more convenient and budget-friendly option! This option updates the signs without the expense of starting from scratch.

Refacing signs allows us to use the existing structure, whether its a pole sign, monolith or totem, panel, or ACM tray sign like those here for Total Plumbing and get to work printing new 7-year guaranteed adhesive vinyl faces perfectly sized for each. Taking Total Plumbing's iconic green and yellow branding, we printed a new adhesive vinyl cover for the signs and applied it here at Creative in a controlled environment.

For each of the wall mounted trays, we headed to Honiton to remove them in their entirety, and brought them back to Creative to receive their updated prints. We can offer the full service of signage removal, quality checks on the structure, printing and mounting, and then reinstallation for ease of coming to one specialist company!


Signage Revival

So should you replace or reface your signage? It is better to replace or reface your signs? We can't answer that without knowing your purposes, needs, and the condition of the existing signs - but hopefully as you can see here for Total Plumbing, we are able to offer assessment and the full package of signage revival to meet your needs.

If you'd like further information or a advice, or even a no-obligation quote to see if signage refacing is an avenue for your business to consider, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Always a pleasure working with the Total Plumbing Team, no matter their location. We look forward to the next signage and display project on your books!

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Posted by Samantha on November 11th 2022

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