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Signage and a Custom Printed Wallpaper Display for The Community Waffle House's Grand Opening!


Signage and a Custom Printed Wallpaper Display for The Community Waffle House's Grand Opening


The Community Waffle House

An 100% non-profit cafe and community space is now open in Trinity House on the main Axminster high street. Set to create a space that is warm, welcoming and full of waffles, the Waffle Community Hub seeks to tackle loneliness, and the feeling of unwantedness in a setting openly accessible to all.

The Community Waffle House had a soft opening for HNS staff and key workers on Tuesday 28th June, and is now set to open its doors wide on Wednesday 29th June for the public. Keep an eye on their social media channels to explore a wealth of foodie pics, events including music, quiz nights and comedy.


Making a Waffle House a Home.

Needing a complete display package for a new space is our speciality. As you can see from the wealth of product options and blogs we create, our expert team is on hand to navigate your vision, and create truly bespoke displays to suit all areas of your business, charity or exhibition.

The Waffle House includes several key areas, notably the open cafe area for dining and conversing, as well as a special space to the rear dubbed RE:STORE, where meetings can be held, aid sessions and advice.  As with all branding, synergy and style is needed in each space, but how this is displayed can be tailored to bring out key features, space availability and the atmosphere you want to create.

The largest blank wall space was always envisioned to have large wordcloud custom printed wallpaper design, visible through the front windows and a real conversation piece. This was supported by wall mounted ACM signage, a vinyl graphic installation and door stickers, as well as some external post mounted aluminium signs to tie everything together nicely.


A New Venture

As you can see from the myriad of signage and display pieces created for the Community Waffle House, no challenge is too intricate, or too broad to be ventured. We pride ourselves on creating some of the best signage possible, and housing the best materials to make it from. Trinity House has welcomed a great community hub  under its roof, and we wish them every success. As regular installers in the Axminster, Seaton, Bridport area, we may be become familiar faces there very quickly!

As always with all projects, our talented in-house design team will always proof and send you artwork so you can see the final creations before they happen, and our installations team is on stand-by to professionally  mount your signage and clean up after. If you need someone to visit you to discuss your vision we can help with that too, use our easy contact form below to get in touch.

If you are needing 'The Full Monty' - (branding, logo creation, display, signage and marketing material) - you've come to the right space as a one-stop-shop for all your new ventures needs.

Thank you to the Waffle House Team for entrusting us with your signage creations and installation, it was a please working with you, and we look forward to the next occasion!

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Posted by Samantha on June 29th 2022

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