Outdoor Signs for Dorset Bio Solutions

Sign Design, Production & Installation for Dorset Bio Solutions

Dorset Bio Solutions are a market-leading sustainable technology manufacturer. They manufacture products for renewable energy, anaerobic digestion, water treatment, engineering, farming, agriculture and retail with innovation at the heart of what they do. They are effectively problem solvers, helping businesses across all sectors operate cleaner, smarter and more efficiently.


Sign design, production and installation

We were contacted by Dorset Bio Solutions to manufacture a sign for the exterior of their new office building. They had existing branding to protect and implement in the signage, so we met with the client to discuss their needs.

The sign needed to stand out and match the colour scheme of the office, which was painted in blue and green hues.


Collaborative design print and installation

We started by creating a colour swatch for the client to review. This sample of colours helped the client choose the right colour for their sign. We invited them into our studio to go over the designs and sign everything off.

With the design signed off, we got to work manufacturing the sign from ACM (Aluminium Composite Material) and printed everything up. The sign was printed in full colour with a channel applied to the rear for post mounting. The site had posts installed, so it was decided the new sign should be mounted here.

With the sign made up, we delivered it the next day and installed it onsite. It took our experienced installers just a few hours to have it made up.

From start to finish, this project was turned around in less than 4 days - a short turnaround time requested by the client. Dorset Bio Solutions are delighted with our work. Their office now looks the part and the sign will last for years to come.

To find out more about working with Creative Solutions on your signage project, speak to our team on 01297 630130 or email us at sales@creative-solutions-direct.co.uk.

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Posted by Jedd on November 9th 2018

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