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Shop Front Fascia Vinyl Decals for Reflections Axminster


Shop Front Fascia Vinyl Decals for Reflections Axminster


Reflections Axminster

An eco-friendly, cruelty free, AVEDA hair salon based in the heart of Axminster, Devon. Reflections has been a staple on the towns high street for over 10 years. It use to have a sharp dark grey and silver exterior (see below left - Image Source), and is now opting for a warm and welcoming green and black with lots of rich plant tones (below right) for its newly painted fascia and window decor.

Roadside Hanging Printed ACM Panel Signage with directional arrow for Furleigh Estate
Roadside Hanging Printed ACM for Furleigh Estate


Shop Fascia Decals

When creating an eye-catching and on-brand shop front for your business, using different textures and levels is sure to offer an inviting, clean, and modern signage display solution. Reflections had their hair salon front repainted into their stand-out shade of green, and their stand-off lettering was spray painted black to give a new look and feel.

All that was left was to replicate the original vinyl decal text showing their contact details and AVEDA status, and help the team put back up the finished stand-off letters.

ACM Gate Sign for Furleigh Estate
Hanging Projecting Roadsign visible over the hedge for Furleigh Estate


ACM Panel Signage For Projecting & Mounted Displays

Our self-adhesive vinyls all come with a premium guarantee, we stock nothing but the best! Vinyls can come in single colours, or can be custom printed using imagery or your designs. These are then expertly cut and prepped for on-site installation either by our team or yourselves.

We laminate all our vinyls as standard, which is what gives you the array of finishes to choose from, matt and gloss being the popular. Once laminated the vinyl can be guaranteed for either 1, 5 or 7 years, with 7 used for all external signage. This helps your vinyl remain weather resistant, UV-protected against colour fade and looking great for all the time its on display.

You can work with our great in-house Graphic Design team who can assist in laying up your designs for print, or offer the final eye over your print-ready designs.

A  big thank you to the Reflections team, your salon looks fantastic! We look forward to working with you in the future on your display projects!

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Posted by Samantha on August 31st 2023

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