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Shop Fascia Panel For Blueberry London


Shop Fascia Panel for Blueberry London


Blueberry London

Nothing says British apparel like items based on flora, fauna and countryside events in the UK. Blueberry London, based in Hampshire has now extended its wears into a new store in Lyme Regis which will be opening soon, ready to bring visitors a fresh new wardrobe.

Understated branding and timeless clothing make this brand a combination of Rydale, Joules, and other high street savvy countryside clothing style providers.

Fascia Panel Installation for high street shop
New Shop Fascia Panel and Window Graphic for Blueberry London in Lyme Regis


New Store to Lyme Regis, Coming Soon!

To take ownership of a new space, new business owners, or those expanding into new territory, know the importance of getting new signage up as quickly as possible. Getting your name causing a buzz and also making a vacant store look like a hive of activity is sure to give you a positive word-of-mouth following before your doors even open.

Getting ready to move their wears into the Lyme Regis, the team commissioned a new Shop Front Sign, as well as new window graphics, and a counter sign to welcome you inside.

For the new fascia panel and counter sign, a highly popular signage material is used. ACM (Aluminium Composite Material) can be cut to any size, easily fixed in place, and faced with either a direct print, or a vinyl overlay for full-colour vibrancy, longevity and ease of renewing in a few years time. Our Long-lasting vinyl applications are printed onto a high-performance vinyl with either a 1, 5 or 7-year guarantee. This variety allows you to assess how long the signage needs to be in place, if you have any upcoming plans to refresh your branding or vision, as well as be assured your sign is going to look great for years to come. As the ACM will always outlive its vinyl application, it means you can re-face your signage time and time again without having to replace everything.

Walking down the Lyme Regis high street, we have helped many businesses with their display potential, installing and creating signage, window graphics, display pieces and seasonal materials. Its a pleasure to assist a new business in the area get underway, and we look forward to seeing them fully settle in soon!

Fascia Panel Installation for high street shop


ACM Shop Fascia Panels

Creating eye-catching and sleek business signage for either interior and exterior displays is something we pride ourselves on. We wouldn't call ourselves specialists if we did not have some of the most skilled team members in the South West, or one of the largest arrays of print medias at our disposal!

ACM as you've learnt briefly above, is a perfectly budget-friendly, long-lasting and highly versatile signage media that can suit a range of settings and application styles.

If you are looking to invest in new signage, or refresh your existing signage, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

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Posted by Samantha on March 13th 2023

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