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Shipping Container Graphics for The Sea Forts - Maker Heights Campsite


The Sea Forts is known for being a vibrant and independent creative cluster. Set on the highest point of the Rame Peninsula in South Cornwall. It is a hub for exciting community partnerships, cycling, surfing, SUP, exploration, adventure, feasting, and of course, a wonderful campsite on the site at Maker Heights.

A wilderness experience, panoramic scenes of Cornwall surround you here; 12 hectares of rare unimproved grassland, ancient monuments, and modern history. Nestled above the Plymouth Sound, this little piece of paradise boasts some soul-filling views, culture, and nature to get you back in touch after a year stuck inside.

Having worked with The Sea Fort in the past to produce stickers and signage, it was great to receive another call to action to spruce up their site; so off to Cornwall we went!


The Sea Fort has a very clean, modern, and muted logo design, blending into the grassland, historical surroundings, and nature of the Cornish coastline. The gold against the green is visually striking and gives a glimpse of glamping to this all-wild terrain.

Having the original artwork to hand, we super-sized these into gold vinyl ready for a direct application to the container. Some large text had originally been forecasted, but when super-imposed in design briefs drew away from the large logo.

When we send our clients design briefs, wherever possible for large-scale applications, we will include a 3D rendered image so you can see your artwork super-imposed. this allows you to get an idea of how it will look when after completion. We can then make adjusts throughout to suit your needs and vision of the final product.

To spot the container from all angles we created another sign that would be mounted to the small end of the container with the Maker Heights Campsite logo once more. It was agreed this would be applied to a flat surface to stand out next to the pre-fitted 'Pot Wash' sign.


Our clients at The Sea Forts supplied artwork for this fit in previous work completed for them. This was then drafted into a 3D render onto the new and blank shipping container. The designs were tweaked and edited to perfection, and Maker Heights were ready for their installation.

Self-adhesive 7-year vinyl is incredibly versatile in its applications and can be installed on most surfaces however textured. The gold vinyl is printed and then ran through a large plotter producing the cut-out design. A layer of application tape is then sealed to the vinyl and flipped. As you then peel off the backing, it is then ready to apply to any surface suitable.

Large scale prints like this take time to adjust and apply when at the site due to environmental factors like the wind, rain, and sea air. We were blessed to arrive on a beautiful June morning with a clear sky and a steady breeze, Cornwall at its best!

With the large vinyl graphic applied, our Installations team moved around the corner to fit the smaller aluminium composite board (ACM) sign. This board was secured to the container and the same vinyl graphic with a matt laminate application process was repeated.

The Sea Forts Maker Heights Campsite is a really eclectic site, with something for everyone from all walks of life. We hope you have a really busy summer camping season ahead and look forward to coming to Cornwall to assist you again!

Our Design Team is able to provide you with a highly accurate Design Concept, rendered onto the site of application for you to view prior to installation to make sure you're completely happy. You can see this attached below, and the finished project above!

Completed Front Fascia
Sign Installation
Job Done!

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Try This Product

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Posted by Samantha on July 7th 2021

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