Seven top tips for whiteboard presentations

In order to make an effective whiteboard presentation, you need to be able to explain yourself clearly and get your point across confidently. The whiteboard will help you to do this, provided you know what you are doing.

The following tips should prove helpful to you whether you're making a presentation at a conference, business meeting or in an educational setting.

1. Make sure you have all the whiteboard accessories (marker/presenter pens, eraser, magnetic pins etc.) you need before starting

2. Clean the whiteboard thoroughly with a spray cleaner before the presentation, and write on anything you need to start the presentation with (i.e. your name, or the title of the seminar)

3. Check the lighting levels, ensuring there is no glare from sunlight or an overhead light and that the whiteboard can be seen clearly from all positions in the room

4. Don't wear white - you may blend into the whiteboard and distract your audience!

5. Use bold colours when writing or using pins on the board to create more of a contrast. Colours such as black, blue, green and red are best, but avoid yellow and orange.

6. Make your presentation more interactive, by encouraging audience members to come up and use the board (best for educational presentations)

7. Remember: writing legibly is more important than writing quickly because your back is to the audience.

If you need to know more about whiteboards themselves, call me, Chris, on 01297 444 665.


Posted on May 17th 2011

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