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Save Money With Pop Up Stand Replacement Graphics

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Replacing Your Pop Up Display Stand Graphics


Save Money With Replacement Graphics For Your Pop Up Displays

In times of austerity and getting bang for our buck, we have been looking for ways to make peoples money go further when it comes to exhibition budgets. Here we look at the most popular pop up stand replacement graphic services we offer, as well as upcoming eco-friendly print options and our current offer on fabric printing!

Using existing hardware, and application of new graphics is one of the main ways that we at Creative Solutions can increase what the client gets for their money. These can be applied to virtually any of the exhibition products.


Printed Panel Pop Up Replacement Graphics

When you buy a pop up kit or bundle, the frame can be guaranteed for anything up to 10 years pending the make, model and manufacturer. From our experience of the industry and modern marketing - you need to be updating your graphics with each marketing campaign, or every season when attending trade shows. Keep your display fresh, clean, up to date and inviting to an audience who will only spare you a glance if your branding does not peak their interest.

At Creative Solutions, we know how much it can cost for your company to have a presence at one of these trade shows, and also all the costs that happen before you even get there, so why not give your stand a face-lift at an affordable price?

Replacement Pop Up Graphic Panels For Your Printed Panel Or Fabric Pop Up Stand


Future Proof Your Design

Most customers go for the full set of reprinted pop-up graphics, but another way to save yourself more money, is by thinking about these pop-up panel reprints in the design stage.

If you create your pop-up design with the D-ends (the far left and right pop-up panels that curl back on themselves around the edge of the frame) as their own pieces of artwork that have no text or images that bleed onto the panels so there are no graphic line-up issues.

The Pop up D-ends can then be kept and reused for years (as long as they are looked after), a good thing to place on these areas is a website address running vertically or a company logo. The cost of giving your pop-up a new lease of life is reduced by knocking off the price of two panels and just replacing the main information / colours in the centre!


Smart Graphics For Peak Leaders Pop Up


For Clients who want to attend more than one event, but are targeting different markets at each one, reduce expense by not buying two complete pop-up stands but buying one and then a second set of graphics. Not only will this be cheaper to start with but we will apply discounts for you buying the whole kit at the same time!

See the below images for how a Client of our Peak Leaders who offer Ski, Snowboard Mountain Bike Instructor courses designed two sets of graphics for the same stand depending on the event they were attending.

1 Pop Up Stand - 2 Sets Of Graphics For Different Event Marketing For Peak Leaders
1 Pop Up Stand - 2 Sets Of Graphics For Different Event Marketing For Peak Leaders
1 Pop Up Stand - 2 Sets Of Graphics For Different Event Marketing For Peak Leaders
3x3 Quick+ Pop Up Display Kit


Pop Up Panel Pricing

Now to that money bit! As we know exhibition stands are not the cheapest items in the world, but a well designed and thought out trade show can really can boost sales significantly, hopefully covering the cost of your event overall. Having a memorable stand gives you the initial impact that you need to sell your product. Here's a pricing example:

3x3 Quick+ Pop Up Display Kit

A new 3x3 Quick+ Pop Up Kit costs at present, £660.00, this will obviously come in perfect condition and with a set of full-colour printed graphics and a carry case for your hardware and graphics. For a 3x3 model you will have 3 front panels and 2 'D' end wraparound panels.

Full Set of Pop Up Replacement Panels - £210 SAVING

A full set of replacement panels will cost around £98.50 each (based on the sale of 1 panel, bulk discounts do apply!), so a 3x3 pop up has 5 panels. The cost to replace all 5 panels with new magnetic tape, hangers and kickers would cost £454.00

Replacement Pop Up Centre Panels - £389 SAVING

To replace just the centre three panels on a 3x3 as discussed earlier using a smart design, you would only need to replace the centre 3 forward facing panels, costing around £98.50 each (based on the sale of 1 panel, bulk discounts do apply!) This would require you to keep the two D-end panels from an existing pop up and just have the middle three panels reprinted. The cost to replace the 3 pop up panels with new magnetic tape, hangers and kickers would be just £271.50!

*Prices here used as an example. Accurate Charges Will Be Given Via Product Pages & Offline Quotations.

Looking For Replacement Fabric Pop Up Graphics?

Get 10% Off!

Fabric Pop Up graphics are supplied in one-unit, so when its time to update your branding or message, your will need to replace the whole fabric skin. This is still a massive saving compared to buying a whole new unit, and is also much better for the environment! Our fabric graphics use dye-sublimation printing onto polyester - highly recyclable, washable and take up less storage space than printed panel pop ups.

We are also offering you 10% off your replacement fabric graphics! You can read more about the offer here, and look at the huge variety of standard product fabric replacement graphics here. Can't see what you need? Pop us an email with your product details and we can source a solution for you.

10% Off Replacement Fabric Display Graphics

10% OFF Replacement Fabric Graphics At Creative Solutions

Looking For A Pop Up Display Stand?

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Posted by Samantha on September 6th 2023

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