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Roadside Advertisement for the 2022 Beaminster Festival


Roadside Advertisement Boards for Beaminster Festival 2022


Beaminster Festival

A successful annual Summer affair, the Beaminster Festival provides all attendees a vibrant and ambitious programme of creative activities, arts, performances and more, with classical music at the core.

This year the festival will be held from Sunday 26 June – Sunday 3 July 2022 which is looking to have fantastic weather and a great turn out!


Build Awareness with a clear Design and Message

Beaminster Festival has been a steadfast event for the local community. With Covid bringing the show to an end for the last 2 years, the organisational team has gone above and beyond this year to let everyone know of its return. The week long event needed as much local advertisement as possible, and road side banners and boards are still in this digital age, a fail-safe way to spark interest, and awareness especially on main commuter roads, neighbouring towns and popular junctions.

The brief for these various boards was very simple - they needed to be clear, easily legible from a distance, and weatherproof for at least 1 month before and during the festival.


Why choose Creative Solutions for your Display Signage

A great example of reusability, the Beaminster Festival organisational team delivered their signage boards to us to get re-wrapped. We cleaned and mounted a new display vinyl wrap over the face of each and were given a list if where each board was to be positioned roadside in the local area. If you need an installation service like this for your event or festival, let us know and we can include this in our no-obligation quotes. At the end of the event the boards can be put straight into storage, and the following year, the vinyl can be removed and replaced with up to date branding, colours and festival dates.

We can supply a wide range of vinyl coverings to go on most, if not all, surfaces, as well as printed boards for all longevities, advertisement types and wayfinding whilst at events.

This signage will be visible across the Dorset/Devon border until the close of the festival. We wish the Beaminster Festival team every success, lots of sunshine and a bustling little town brimming with activities.

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Posted by Samantha on June 15th 2022

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