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Revamp Your Staff Room: Creative Ideas To Boost Morale

Your employees are the heart of your business. Once you’ve recruited an excellent team, it’s vital to retain them. Unfortunately, many businesses struggle with high staff turnover and low employee retention rates. Boosting staff morale is an excellent way to tackle this issue, and revamping your staff room is the perfect place to start.

Providing your team with a space of their own will help make them feel valued and engaged at work. We’ve gathered together lots of creative staff room ideas to inspire your revamp and boost morale in the workplace:

1. Introduce a Comfort Corner

It sounds counterintuitive, but research shows that taking regular breaks actually boosts productivity. Taking time to chill out during the workday helps employees return to their desks refreshed and ready to tackle their workload. Introducing a comfort corner in your staff room will help facilitate this.

Items you may want to add to your comfort corner include sofas and bean bags to help your team destress and relax.

Man writing on whiteboard wall

2. Create a Recognition Wall

Everyone likes to be recognised when they’ve done something well, and your employees are no exception. So, why not introduce a recognition wall for your team? Using a magnetic whiteboard will enable you to stick a photo of your employees on the board and write your reasons for recognising their efforts.

3. Incorporate Relaxing Colour Schemes

Colour psychology has been a popular consideration for interior designers for a while now. Colours can be used to evoke different emotions, including feelings of relaxation. So, repainting your staffroom in relaxing hues, such as blues and greens, is an excellent choice.

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4. Set Up a Creative Whiteboard Space

Sometimes the best ideas come to us when we’re relaxing, so your staff room is the perfect place for a creative whiteboard space. Adding a whiteboard to your staff room will make it easier for team members to brainstorm any ideas as they pop into their heads and make sure these brainwaves aren’t forgotten. Your creative whiteboard space is also a great place for team members to write motivational messages to the rest of the team or simply to release their creativity and doodle.

5. Designate a Wellness Zone

Depending on your budget, your wellness zone could be extravagant and filled with gym equipment and yoga mats. If your budget is smaller, your wellness zone could simply contain health and wellbeing magazines to inspire your team and information to support their wellness. You could also add in some mindful activities, such as adult colouring books and pencils.

6. Implement a Suggestions and Ideas Book

Gaining feedback from your team and listening to their ideas is vital for employee morale. Implementing a suggestions and ideas book provides your staff with a safe place where they can write down their ideas for areas of improvement and leave feedback. You can then check the book each week and review the ideas.

7. Add a Library of Inspirational Books

Breaktimes can become boring if all you’re doing is scrolling mindlessly through your phone. So, why not provide your team with some enriching reading material to keep them occupied? Creating a small library of inspirational books is an excellent way to bring some added positivity to the staff room.

8. Enhance the Space with Plants & Art

Improving the aesthetic of your staff room is also a wise idea when you’re trying to boost employee morale. This can be achieved relatively easily with a few simple changes. Introducing some plants to the staff room is a simple but really effective way to enhance the space. Plants can significantly enhance employee wellbeing, helping to reduce stress and boost productivity. Adding artwork to the walls of your staff room is also a great morale booster. Art is the perfect way to brighten up the space and add extra interest.

9. Add a Library of Inspirational Books

Introducing a coffee and snack station to your staff room is guaranteed to be a big hit. Your team will be kept re-fuelled and re-energised with this excellent staff room addition. Just don’t forget to keep it topped up.

Colourful office wallpaper mural

10. Plan for Regular Themed-Decor Updates

Finally, it’s essential to refresh your staff room regularly with themed décor updates. Changing the décor to match the season and any upcoming celebrations will introduce a feel-good vibe to your staff room that employees will love.

While revamping your staff room may seem like a lot of work, it really doesn’t need to be. This is an important investment in both your team and your business, making it really worthwhile.

Posted on April 4th 2024

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