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Retail Signage for Jarman Ward


Jarman Ward is an independent firm of chartered building surveyors providing professional consultancy services to their clients. 

As a firm, they are a combination of building surveyors, construction consultants and project managers with over three decades of collated experience—able to offer their clients exceptional advice from their headquarters in Honiton, East Devon.


Jarman Ward we’re looking to update their external signage displays—something that would make their business stand out on the Honiton high street. They had in mind a combination of a new acrylic lettering fascia display and an aluminium swinging sign. 

High-quality shopfront signage is a vital marketing tool that can only benefit a company like Jarman Ward. A bold, engaging shop sign is an excellent method of attracting attention to your premises and enhancing your brand. 

When executed well, external signage should embody the very essence of your company and quickly identify the nature of your business to potential customers. Jarman Ward were looking for signage that exuded professionalism and quality.


We supplied the client with white acrylic lettering to create the Jarman Ward fascia signage, accompanying tagline and the RCIS logo. To produce a visually dynamic aesthetic, the stand-off lettering was installed with snapfix locators and template. This design choice creates a modern, stylized display that has become a popular option for fascia shop signage. 

For the aluminium hanging sign we were able to full-colour print the Jarman Ward logo onto both sides of the 600 by 600mm aluminium square and finish it with a 5-year guarantee matte laminate.

Both sides were then powder-coated with RAL 9016 gloss white—while the aluminium square itself was cut with 25mm radius corners for a smooth, stylish finish.

The sign was fitted with a 630mm modern flag projecting wall bracket which came with long sleeve anchors, suitable for use with 13mm holes. Also supplied was the A4 stainless steel lifting eyebolt, M8 stainless steel A4 shackle, and 10 black plastic space washers. The installation team were also able to create the two 9mm fixing holes and 5mm hole centres—centred at 550mm.

Jarman Ward’s shopfront has been completely transformed with these new signage installations. The combination of an eye-catching fascia display and a printed aluminium hanging sign really breathes new life into the business premises—creating the required sense of professionalism and quality.

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Posted on May 19th 2021

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