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Restaurant/Business Signage for The Station Kitchen


Found on the edge of the old West Bay Station platform in Bridport, The Station Kitchen is a quirky, award-winning restaurant that brings a vintage setting firmly into the modern world. 

The restaurant prides itself on taking classic, rustic dishes, and transforming them with a contemporary twist.

Customers are invited onboard the converted train carriage and into the restaurant for an unforgettable culinary journey—without ever leaving the station!


As a unique modern restaurant, The Station Kitchen were looking for a series of signage products that would reflect their contemporary brand. This would include a post-mounted sign, a cut vinyl graphic that would be applied to the side of the train carriage and a new ticket office sign. Each item would incorporate the restaurant’s refined, minimalist company logo. 

The logo itself has the feel of a vintage station sign, something that needed to be preserved in the creation of the new signage.

Creative Solutions have a wealth of experience when it comes to creating outdoor signage for businesses and restaurants. We understand that good quality graphics can be a vital method of attracting customers and representing your company’s core brand. Any restaurant that exhibits strong, visually-interesting signage will reap the benefits in the long term.

We are able to cater for all your outdoor signage needs; from fascia displays, printed graphics, banners, post-mounted signs, raised acrylic lettering. 

Whatever your needs, we can provide a solution.


Firstly, we supplied the client with a double-sided post-mounted sign which would be installed in the platform’s flower bed. The faces of the 3mm aluminium sign were powder-coated with vinyl for a visually stunning finish.

For the ticket office, we created a large circular panel sign using the same design template as the first product. Once again, the faces of the 3mm aluminium sign were powder-coated with vinyl. 

Finally, we also supplied a cut vinyl logo sticker which was to be applied to the train carriage, which, again, incorporated the SK company insignia. A simple, understated logo with an elegant typeface circling the SK initials. It looks very effective against the light yellow panel of the train.

Each signage product was installed by Creative Solutions; planting the post-mounted sign in the flower bed, mounting the aluminium sign on the ticket office and applying the cut-vinyl sticker onto the train. The client was thrilled with the finished product and the comprehensive service that Creative Solutions were able to provide.

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Posted on January 13th 2021

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