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Renewed Directional Signage Vinyl Lettering for Axminster Tools & Machinery


Renewed Directional Signage Vinyl Lettering for Axminster Tools & Machinery


Axminster Tools & Machinery

South West-based Axminster Tools distributes their high-quality products across the entire UK, Ireland and continental Europe. An 100% family-run affair, with over forty years of experience in the sector, they are market leaders in the mail order tools and machinery industry thanks to their unbeatable service to both trade professionals and DIY hobbyists.

The Ax Tools team recently got in touch to update their external directional signage to offer a better wayfinding tool between its buildings on the Millwey Rise Industrial Estate in Axminster.

Completed Vinyl Installation in-situ on external signage for Axminster Tools
Laying up new vinyl lettering installation for external directional signage
Cleaning off old vinyl residue for a smooth application surface
New directional vinyl applications on existing signage for Axminster Tools & Machinery


Directional Signage Updates

Directional and wayfinding signage is one of the most important interactions your customers and visitors will have with your business. It doesn't matter if you are a hospital, hotel, educational institute, cafe or small business - how frustrating is it if you cant find your way around because of a lack of signage, even more so if the signs that are there, are out of date or unclear. Directional signage should be looked at regularly, from a customer perspective, as well as a health and safety one.

Whether you are welcoming one-off or regular visitors, your directional signage is always going to be part of their experience and in effect, mark their perspective of your business. Make that experience a consistently good one, with a directional signage strategy that includes regular maintenance and experience checks.

For Axminster Tools this was just the case, and it was time to update their external signage to match their new site map, as well as help visitors navigate to the business' buildings across the Industrial estate. The vinyl installations on their existing signage not only had started to fade, but was due an update in wording, font and size to be much more easily legible from the road.


New Signage Vinyl Lettering

Industrial estates are a maze at the best of times, but with a signage specialist in residents (that's us), we believe Millwey Rise is one of the easiest to navigate!

Having worked with Axminster Tools & Machinery now for many years, we are well versed in producing signage from scratch for them, as well as updating their displays in situ. On this occasion we headed down the road with our cleaning equipment and fresh vinyl applications to update 2 small totem signs at either end of their site.

The vinyl lettering is pre-sized to fit each of the totem's panels perfectly, with colour and font chosen to match Ax Tool's branding guidelines. Each letter is then plot and weeded, with a backing paper applied for immediate installation. We are able to comb our catalogues for 1000's of single colour vinyls. If we are unable to find the perfect match, we can print vinyl and finish it with your choice of matt, satin, gloss, or special effect laminate to your exact requirements.

Our external grade lettering vinyl applications are made from a 5-7 year guaranteed self-adhesive vinyl which offers fantastic colour density in single-colours, and when printed. It can be laminated in a range of finishes to suit your branding or placement for application.

Our Graphic Design Team will send you digital artwork proofs of all projects to you prior to creation for your sign-off, allowing you to tinker with font, sizing, colour and placement. Once signed-off, we will get to work creating your lettering, and either prep it for installation, or package with instructions for you to install yourself.

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Posted by Samantha on August 7th 2023

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