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Logo Design for Rainbow Store

Rainbow Store Signage and Branding in Lyme Regis

We were asked to visit the Rainbow store in Lyme Regis to discuss their signage and branding.

The client wanted a revamped logo designed that was contemporary, but also a brand that was strong and authentic to stand out from the competition.

We had a meeting with the clients to gain their insight and ideas and also their expectations. We got a good feel for the environment and the current customer experience.

The main sign needed to be re-done with the new logo, and redesigned to be more eye-catching and engaging. A fresh family feel was also required to communicate that the store sells a variety of items. The brief was to include key words or possibly icons.

I presented numerous logo options to initially create a starting point for a discussion with the client. Brand design for an established business comes with a certain level of responsibility - meeting the clients vision, but also the established customer base, and creating interest in new customers.

The logos I designed were visually strong as a unique identity, and the idea we had was to use this in a pivotal way to create maximum impact. As the brand has been a staple icon on the high street in various parts of Devon, the store in Lyme Regis needed to have a "beach surf" feel. The client expressed the need to have a wooden quality to it which a lot of the beach and surf shops use. We had the idea to have the logo burnt into the wood using visual effects only, with no actual wood being used.

From various further meetings the logo design was refined and ideas for key icons was agreed to work better than key words. 

The main element that was proving tricky to perfect was the wood background as the client had a specific look in mind. Once this was approved the items were produced and signage installed. 

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Logo Design for Durleigh Gardens

Posted by Design Studio on August 19th 2019

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