QR Codes and augmented reality - crossing the line

QR codes and Augmented Reality - crossing the line.

Most of you are probably aware that this year QR codes have well and truly gone mainstream. They are just about everywhere, and as smart phone technology has become commonplace, QR codes are for most of us, the most accessible interface between physical experience and digital reality - at home, at work, on the go.

For those of us who are very particular about the visual aspect of our brand id, the aesthetics and visual tone of QR codes might seem, well, how can I put this, ‘Sooooo not right for my brand,' and before you roll your eyes and say, ‘she's missing the point,' here me out.

Whilst the technological potential of QR codes are being developed with flair, ingenuity, with a great sense of adventure and excitement, for the most part the visuals are, in my opinion, lagging light years behind.

At the moment I think people are ‘blinded' by the excitement of what a QR code can do and for now ignore the way they look (which is spot on for some brands and their visual stories, and completely wrong for most others.) But the novelty will wear off soon enough, if it has not begun to do so already, and then generating enough interest to get people to scan your QR code will come down to strong brand storytelling and relationship building, and the look of your QR code will be as important as all your other visual communication.

If you are a business looking to use QR codes on your business cards, vehicles, brochures, team t-shirts...  or anywhere for that matter, charge your designers with the task for working your logo, or calls to action into the QR code. You will stand head and shoulders above your competition.

If you want to talk more about using QR codes, give Mark a call on 01297 444 665.

I will leave you with a few fun and inspiring videos of QR codes in actions:

Barcode Art

Calvin Klein's Big QR code

Esquire - Augmented Reality



Posted on April 15th 2011

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