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QR Code Signage for Cavanna Homes


Cavanna Homes began life as a family-run construction company back in the early-1920s. A century later, amassing a considerable amount of experience in the industry, the business has developed into the south west's largest independent house building firm. 

Despite its enormous growth over the years, its fundamental ideals have remained in place: their aim is to build high-quality properties that customers can proudly call home.


Cavanna Homes are long-term clients of Creative Solutions—we’ve worked with them on a whole host of different projects over the years. From building site signage and hoardings to post-mounted signs, our design team have always been able to provide a first-rate product. 

Recently, Creative Solutions were tasked with supplying a number of different display items from our Social Distancing (COVID) Range for the client’s Torquay-based offices. It was along these lines that Cavanna got in touch for this latest project.

QR codes have become a vital tool in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Not only are they a quick and straightforward method of helping track and trace the movement of the virus, QR codes can also be used in bars and restaurants to order food and drinks, without customers having to leave the table—thus promoting social distancing. A quick scan of a mobile phone camera can make all the difference.

For Cavanna Homes, the purpose for these QR codes would be to print them onto signs and install them outside a number of properties and development sites. Potential buyers could use their smartphone camera to scan the mounted QR codes and discover information and updates about the desired site. During the pandemic, viewings for Cavanna Homes properties are by appointment only, so this means of providing details is a safe and socially distant-friendly alternative.


We were able to supply QR code signs for eight different Cavanna Homes sites across the region. The signs were printed using the client’s brand guidelines; a dark blue background with the light blue and white overlaid text. Each sign was printed with the recognisable Cavanna Homes logo to keep the branding consistent.

A bright white block capital font was used for the key instructional information. The message advising customers to scan the QR code is clear and visually impactful thanks to the font and colour combination.

As a business, Cavanna Homes has been extremely proactive when it comes to implementing social distancing measures. We were only too happy to help them in their objective to follow public health guidelines and continue operating in as safe a way as possible. 

If you think your business could make use of our Covid-19 Range, please get in touch.

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Posted on November 30th 2020

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